Mouthwash? More like OUCHWASH

(oh god my whole mouth burns ;-;)


I mean, it realistically doesn't make any impact on the world but... a little less garbage in the streets can't HURT.

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Walked down the block and picked up a bit of garbage. It's nice to have something to do.

re: body image 

I've blended the edge a little with eyeliner to soften the effect but..... this is Not A Good Look

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body image 

accidentally trimmed my facial hair in a really double-chin-emphasising sort of way T_T

ya boy got a whole week of wincing at his reflection to look forward to!

Tried Muesli for the first time, with a tiiiiny bit of coconut cream and brown sugar.

Conclusion? I like Muesli.

re: mh 

I'm beginning to think that what's happening here is actually just that three hours is how long it currently takes to burn through my dealing-with-the-world battery after recharging overnight, rather than a failure of my meds or self-care. There's just too much world happening right now and it's tanking my battery life.

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Update: decided to just go ahead and try it. Conclusion is..... pretty nice! Used a couple of sprigs of fresh sage and a pinch of dried orange peel, steeped in hot water for ~10 mins.

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It seems like I consistently have a mood crash 3-4 hours after waking up, and I don't know why. I'm taking my meds on time, I'm remembering to eat breakfast.... bleh

Hey Awoo/masto, any of you tried Sage Tea before? Did you like it?

I have a sage plant in my garden and would kind of like to try it, but I'm having trouble finding info about the /flavour/ instead of the hippy woo "health benefits".

covid, shitposting 

Tooooo decrease the spread of covid wash your hands! (clap clap)

To decrease the spread of covid wash your hands! (clap clap)

Doesn't matter if you're young
'cuz you're not the only one
who's impacted if you fail to
wash your hands!

covid, shitposting 

Maybe by the time all the quarantining/distancing is over my hair will finally be out of the awkward-unstylable-intermediate-length stage of growing out. Nobody will have to know about my ridiculous entire head of cowlicks!


moderately worrying about people whose living situations will become unsafe if their neighbours and/or housemates are home 24/7


expressing my grief for the world at large by shoveling handfuls of trail mix into my mouth straight from the container

re: healthcare 

I mean, at least I /CAN/ sometimes take public transit. I have immunocompromised friends in similar circumstances, how the fuck does the pharmacy expect them to get their meds???

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