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re: healthcare 

I'm not safe to drive, I'm not wealthy enough for a taxi/lyft/whatever willy nilly, and I have to be having a specifically /good/ day to be able to handle public transit. This pharmacy has a lot of low-income clients, I wish they'd at least acknowledge that transportation can be a hurdle.

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Love being disabled and poor in the middle of a pandemic and being told by my pharmacy "okay you can come pick this up tomorrow! :)" after waiting for half an hour for meds I'd been told I could pick up quickly.

Did 30-40 mins of beat saber, showered, shaved, and just threw two loads of laundry in the wash. That THAT, depression!!!


When you peg someone who runs RPGs for you, that's called "Sliding in to your DMs"

MH -/~ 

I'm so sick of being anxious. I'm so tired of being Alert and Vigilant and not being able to stop. I don't want to have to take handfuls of medication just to spend a few hours not overwhelmed just by existing.

I'm so tired.

I noticed they were a lot.... pinker? than usual when buying them, but jeeze I didn't expect them to be THIS off. They're like red delicious tier.

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I bought a whole bunch of Fuji apples from the grocery and they're bland and terrible. :(

Normally this grocery has great produce!


I'm delighted to report that coconut cream in oatmeal fucking slaps

I wish I remembered what it felt like to not be constantly tense/on edge.

It's not that I've lost the ability to feel happy or have fun, I'm just... always also feeling Bad.

Hmm. I ordered myself a new shirt from RB and either their printer was running out of ink or the print quality has SIGNFICANTLY dropped since the last time I ordered. Disappointing.

Still isn't curling like it should when it's properly hydrated, but it's a start!!

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I've been putting effort into conditioning my bleach-fried hair for the past few days and it is SO SOFT RIGHT NOW


Today was shitty. Nothing bad specific happened, I've just felt shitty and a lot of small things piled up to make it more stressful. I hate being so easily affected.

Vent, bad family boundaries 

I left my phone off for less than 24 hours to give myself a mental health break and my mother started badgering my partner because I wasn't answering her texts. Fucking hell.

Let people not have to be constantly available!!!!!

Like, it's cool as hell in CONCEPT and the community definitely deserves an online social space free of corporate clutches but...

NOBODY is going to want to moderate that shit. What a nightmare.

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A little gremlin in my head keeps whispering "what if you set up a mastodon instance for your local queer community", which I think is a roundabout way of it trying to kill me.

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