Oh heck I'm on the wrong account hahaha.

Welp, I don't use this one often enough anyway I guess

Monetary Assistance, neurodivergency, trans 

Hi! In my time since leaving the mental health facility I was in, I have been struggling to make ends meet. Thanks to help from a lot of you sweethearts here on the fedi, I've been able to get on my new medication (yay!) I have been trying to get a job, going to temp agencies, etc... But finding work as a low-functioning schizo girl just seems like an impossible wall I can't seem to climb no matter what I do. The Seroquel I'm taking is supposed to start taking effect 6 weeks after I started taking them, and then really settle in 3-6 months. I.. don't know how I'm going to make it that far. I can't pay for my car this month, which is my only way of getting to any work I might hopefully find.

If there's any way you can spare a small donation, it would mean the world to me; Every dollar brings me closer to sustaining myself long enough to be functional. Thank you. :cyber_heart:


Why is "bananas" ("he's gone bananas!") the colloquialism for "out of control"? bananas are not that weird or out of control a fruit.

Now, durians, those are out of control

codbl3ps (pronounced "bleps")
codbl4ps ("blaps", obv)

okay one more because it's funny

terrified of the oncoming tongue

i'm getting better at spriter!!!! it's a fun de-stress method, somehow. Here's Evie!! she's very soft. (resized slightly to fit upload limits)

#MastoArt #gif

rented a season of the simpsons from the library 

My GF, whose only exposure to The Simpsons is from my terrible taste in internet humor, saw an image of Principal Skinner and called him "the hams man"

markov 🤖 

oh, pirates of the interfaces

markov 🤖 

ore seeds
except you cant grow them
you feed them sugar and grow your ant army

i havent seen into the spiderverse and i probs never will but they made doctor octopus a lady and shes rlly hot and gay

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