Is this the donation version of shitposting?

Also, good RNG to @karma during their Battle of Olympus run during AGDQ in a few hours! If you're up, give her some support!

Partially done with painting the kitchen. I really like how it looks.

uspol protests 

Time to go to the protests.

I'd say I'm not nervous, but...

Today's Oglaf was excellent. It may now be my goal for the afterlife. Note: Oglaf's main site is VERY NSFW.

famous sexual harassers (-) 

Fuckin Morgan Freeman? Really?! Goddammit. GODDAMMIT. Just... fuckin goddammit.

For you folks that have been watching #Aggretsuko 

I really want to find a gif of this metal scene. But for now, stills will do.

The ending for Fist's Elimination Tower: 

This made me chuckle. Hopefully it will make you laugh too.

In three days, at this time, I will begin watching Season 4 of Lucha Underground. Boarding that hype train like

Getting ready to get tickets to see Black Panther, checking with the roomie who has already got tickets.

So, after seeing that sphinx webcomic linked today, I looked for it online. It is called "Sarah's Scribbles" and can be found here:

Also, it me:

Hey @vahnj , am I failing at filtering here? From what I understand, this should filter the content, correct?

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