oldschool runescape, raids 

Finally dipped my toes into the Theater of Blood on my leagues profile

I've mostly just gone through entry mode to learn the general idea for each of the bosses so far, but it's really really cool. Kinda hoping to find a newbie friendly group of folks to try to learn the real thing with.

OSRS, leagues, current levels 

funny how firemaking is the skill I have lagging most behind right now when in the base game it's one of the easiest 99s to get since the xp for it scales up so rapidly

anyway, 2002/2277 on total level

small saga, relatively early game environmental spoilers 


OSRS leagues, :) 

got my fire cape in leagues this morning finally, lol

was a lot easier to just... melee everything since I have the melee relics and just say "fuck you jad" to its face

old school runescape, leagues 

(halo voice) SLAYER

(currently 83 slayer, as soon as I hit 85 I'm grinding a whip lol)

OSRS, angry 

failed another fight caves attempt on leagues 4 because I couldn't see the healers to pull the last one off Jad, and then just... missed one prayer when I had to eat at the same time

I really wish I could derust Jad without having to deal with the 30-40 minute buildup lol

twitch (birthday) stream 


doing my usual birthday tradition of playing a ton of NES games in a row this year, although I'll probably throw in one gameboy game this year :)

oldschool runescape, boob joke 

now that's more like it! I knew those 30-40k appraisals were bogus

re: OSRS leagues 4 

also, it's kind of funny hearing about people who rushed into things and are talking about regrets with their decisions they made about what relics they took and what they wish they'd taken instead

...and then looking at my own relics and being very happy with what I picked :)

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OSRS leagues 4 

I've genuinely been having such a fun time with this iteration of leagues

The relics are *so* much fun and I'm really happy with the ones I picked. I set some personal goals, and I'm really not in any rush to get to them, but with how powerful they make you as the player, it's really fun to just hop on and do whatever the fuck I feel like.

My goals are still to max every skill so I can wear the max cape (which I did take), get every barrows set, and then... I'll fuck around there, probably with god wars and theater of blood

extremely delayed realization 

(somebody playing dead cells in a group call)

(someone else commenting on what's going on): hammer time!

me, deliberately mispronouncing hammer: hamir time

also me: wait, fuck, I just realized why Hamir has his name in Dungeons of Aether

twitch stream 


playing some NES (and maybe a GM game or two) to figure out what all I wanna play on my Friday long stream!

bea's OSRS leagues 4 journey for a dragon defender 

I kept track of my cyclops kills to see how long it'd take to get a dragon defender. I did not reset the count, so the number next to each is "how many total kills it took to get there," basically.

bronze 59
iron 87
steel 99
black 104
mithril 118
adamant 122
rune 131
dragon 140

...and then I stayed for a bit because I had a bunch of tokens left, and got further dragon defenders on 148, 156, and 157 before my inventory was too full to continue :P

OSRS tier 1 relic 

the more I've been playing around with trickster, the more I feel like I could never pick anything else, haha

never failing agility obstacles/shortcuts is SO comfy

I just want to make it clear I had this post ready to send late last night but just didn't for whatever reason lmao

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OSRS, leagues, day 1 progress 

started up on the league this morning and feeling pretty happy with the strides I made today!

I wound up settling on melee, and snagged trickster as my first relic (which you can probably tell by me having 99 thieving lol)

I grabbed Kandarin because it's such a comfy area and has so much for skilling, and will probably grab Asgarnia next, and... I'm thinking Morytania after that? We'll see.

In any case, I have a bit of a silly soft goal to max out so I can wear the cool cape >_> we'll see how well that goes though, lmao

osrs leagues 4 

Imagine not taking the tier 1 relic that makes it so you can never fail pickpocketing

I giggle every time I see someone fail a pickpocket around me and get stunned for like 5 years (okay, like 3 seconds, but it feels like 5 years)

osrs leagues 

I got back on oldschool runescape because leagues are running right now and it felt like a good way to be like "I wanna play some Expedited and Somewhat Silly Runescape!"

I started off with a bunch of thieving and got the skill pet for it pretty early on

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