Already ran into a person I can't follow so I'm rethinking this lol

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FWIW I've also moved my nsfw account over to

I intend to maintain the two separately, I think.

My executive function is basically nil and I'm already likely going to set up NSFW content on a separate account from this one so maybe I should just stick around here until/if I have a specific problem that hasn't already been taken care of, and only worry about it then?

It would certainly take less brain juice...

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I haven't decided on anything yet, but I've been considering a different instance going forward if I'm going to hold a space on masto for keeping in touch with the twitter exodus.

I do appreciate what this instance is aiming to accomplish by explicitly permitting instances, but I've had issues in the past with not being able to connect w/ friends on smaller or self-hosted instances.

I'm unsure exactly what I'm going to decide here.

hi I know I know a lot of people who are mostly only active on here but I keep forgetting this site exists

@ArrBianca okay weird, I was looking for your OPL2 stuff and realised none of your recent toots have shown up like, at all. No cinnamon bread or anything. I dunno if this is some weird fediverse thing I'm missing, but blahhhhhhhhhhhh that kinda sucks

"I believe the vegan option for egging or milk shaking fascists is a brick" 😂 :antifa: :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve:

I'm sorry if it's weird that I only remember masto exists like, once a week and then have to go back liking your stuff that's days old, I'm not trying to be weird about it, I'm just terrible at this site but still want to read your stuff

It's always weird to remember when I pop over to masto every now and then, that I can just fav everything I like because I don't have to worry that I'll be soft-retweeting nsfw stuff into other people's timelines.

The fact that this thing just displays empty columns where content should be if I've been away for a while is kind of a deterrent to spending much time on this thing. It's pretty low activity anyway, but maybe I'd like to see what people have been up to when I *do* poke in here to look around.

I think I'm gonna turn off the twitter crossposter. It just feels awkward to have on here.

I guess that sort of means I'll be using this thing in sort of read-mostly mode. I appreciate that it's here, but there just aren't enough people I know migrating to make this realistic as my primary site.

Anyway it sure would be cool if I could occasionally share videos of cool meteors that we see that only exist as actual files on real computers

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Sometimes I think about how twitter has a whole video upload API but you can only use it from the phone apps because ???REASONS???

My entire communication style today is just QRT-ing things with incoherent half sentences

I'm definitely wearing my holiday reindeer antlers to work on the last day before xmas this year

Work bought me like four beers because nobody else liked the last pitcher they got oops

Like, if there's anything to that... it's real uncomfortable that any space in front of a house that has one - maybe including streets - could become part of a surveillance network that automatically identifies anyone who walks into it?

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