I haven't decided on anything yet, but I've been considering a different instance going forward if I'm going to hold a space on masto for keeping in touch with the twitter exodus.

I do appreciate what this instance is aiming to accomplish by explicitly permitting instances, but I've had issues in the past with not being able to connect w/ friends on smaller or self-hosted instances.

I'm unsure exactly what I'm going to decide here.

My executive function is basically nil and I'm already likely going to set up NSFW content on a separate account from this one so maybe I should just stick around here until/if I have a specific problem that hasn't already been taken care of, and only worry about it then?

It would certainly take less brain juice...

Already ran into a person I can't follow so I'm rethinking this lol

@SomeEgrets that could work!

and if there's a specific instance you want to communicate with, you could also @ an admin to ask them to whitelist~

single user instances are very easy to justify since they are just one person

@thingywott yeah! I'm just in deep fried brain territory, so if I can make the thing I already have work for me, I think I'm just gonna do that. If there are actual problems, I can just deal with them as they happen rather than try to anticipate every possible future before it happens.

@SomeEgrets yeaaah, i've definitely been there ^^'

i hope you feel better soon though! (also, it's nice seeing you around again..!)

@SomeEgrets I specifically opted not to use awoo.space because of the allowlist only federation policy.

@chalur @SomeEgrets I wouldn’t use mastodon without it tbh as my experience is notably less terrible because the bad instances can’t find me and spinning up a new one can’t get around that.

@chalur @SomeEgrets honestly I wish we had to follow instances in order to federate with them or something as malicious ones are way way way too common and I don’t want my toots going to them at all and a allowlist is the only practical solution I’ve found for that.

@Nurbs @chalur yep, that's the tradeoff, I guess. I appreciate the intent behind the idea. But at the same time it took like thirty minutes before I already couldn't follow some people I already knew from twitter. A social site, to me, isn't useful if I can't interact with people I already know on it, I guess?

@SomeEgrets @Nurbs If choosing which servers to federate with was a decision left to the individual user for their account I'd be much more ok with it. If a friend you want to follow joins a server that you aren't federated with but you can click a button to allow it, that would be great!

As it stands though you're beholden to whatever your server and the target server's admins decide, and if they are slow/non-responsive/disagree with you on adding new servers to the list, you're just screwed.

@SomeEgrets i think you can transfer your account and it migrates your follows/followers too?

i haven't done this of course, but i've seen mention of it around a bunch! and that means you can use whatever instance you like without needing to worry about too much hassle~

@thingywott yep, got it taken care of! I just went with the old "I know a bunch of people on this instance who vouch for it" method

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