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Some art I made for myself for pride month this year, updated :3

LGBTQIA+ people need not fly only a single flag~

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Gender and orientation are not binary, they are N-dimensional matrices with non-integer values that can fluctuate over time.

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Found a secondary use for my standing desk: staying warm! I feel warmer when I use it, probably because of the metabolic increase.

I actually noticed this during summer, feeling hotter quicker when I used it. But in winter, this is a useful feature :3c

The Biden admin has launched a phone line for Americans to order four free COVID tests per household, expanding availability to Americans who may not have internet access: 1-800-232-0233.

If you are in the USA and know people who do not have internet access or groups that work with the unhoused, please pass along the above info! :boost_requested:

#COVID19 #MutualAid

Current outdoor temperature: 10 fahrenheit, or about -12 celsius.

Cold 🥶​

Because of VRChat, I keep getting surprised while playing Skyrim when I look down and do not see my character's body.

I think I might look into the Joy of Perspective mod at some point.

Just discovered that my right speaker has little or no audio. After spending half an hour trying to figure it out, the only solution I've found is to turn on mono audio :-/

If you're spending money on a freaking avatar, at least have the basic decency to make it custom art you commissioned of yourself as a cute animal girl

US, Covid tests (+, boosts pls) 

The site to order 4 free rapid covid tests is now live:

"Disabled people are not disposable. We are your feared present and your inevitable future. We are what age and time promise more than anything else, and this is one reason you fear us and why you have continually pushed us away and hidden us. You don’t want us too close, don’t want a daily reminder of difference and privilege; you don’t want to have to change your life for us."

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This filter wheel from the James Webb telescope looks like it belongs on a Doctor Who console.

@packbat Oh, and let's not forget that PIA was funded by the people that ran freenode into the ground

oh hey, features sponsorships from three separate cryptocurrency firms on their front page 😑

- 🎒 💢

(*checks* correction: four separate cryptocurrency firms - Tendermint is one, too.)

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Anyone know of an article that offers good ways to deal with motivation problems, and is not written through the ignorant lens of an abled person?

"The evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and racism. The problems of racial injustice and economic injustice cannot be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power."

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
to SCLC board on March 30, 1967

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subtoot, not anyone here, can't even remember their name 

Insulting the years of work I've put into this is totally a good haggling tactic...

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