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Hey all, I'm a transgender geek with a wide range of interests, including writing, art, programming, and world-building. My big goal is to become an indie game developer, which I am slowly working towards.

She/Her pronouns, and my gender is dragoness :3

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Some art I made for myself for pride month this year, updated :3

LGBTQIA+ people need not fly only a single flag~

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Gender and orientation are not binary, they are N-dimensional matrices with non-integer values that can fluctuate over time.

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If I were ever able to get into scientific research, I think I'd like to maybe go into botany?

Clandestine US Army testing, Institutional racism 

I saw this article over on Twitter, and… wow. Talk about unauthorized histories.

Ban and deplatform nazis on sight its not that fucking hard

Punch them too if its in meatspace

re: hellsite, discord, NOT crypto 

okay, so a discord employee confirmed in the replies that it is NOT crypto.

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uk politics; petition; trans 

I'm not convinced that these petitions are useful, but it only takes a minute to sign this one in support of retaining #trans rights in the Equality Act: :boosts_ok_gay:

More on the ongoing illegal US occupation of Hawaii, banning our language and culture, mass-imprisoning our people, poisoning our water, and using our stolen land as the global imperialism nexus to plunder and subjugate.

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#Introductions, please boost! :aliceheartblack: 

Since my last #Introductions post is now like... 6 months old or so... I'm gonna do a new one!

Hey, y'all, I'm Alice! :alicecoolmlem:
I'm a #trans #poly #pansexual #lesbian currently residing in Minnesota with my #queer found family of four. :aliceheartgay:
I post about my #transition, #coffee, #yoga, gayming, #sysadmin things, #programming, mental health, #wellness, and uhhh... All sorts of stuff that goes on in my corner of the Internet. Check out my bio, pinned posts, and my site if you wanna know anything else about me, and feel free to send a follow request! I love keeping up with folks on here and I'm usually super open to interactions. :alicemlem: 🖤 ☀️

Edit: added some hashtags and minor rewording

Thanks for potentially stopping by and take care of yourselves out there! :alicehappy:


My girlfriend (who isnt on masto) is worried about her mom not having money for bills, especially since her brother quit his job.. If yall could boot her Kofi and help out if you could


Most of what's out there on any given network is going to be absolute fucking garbage. Your admins, your mods, your follows and blocks, and your keyword mutes, all provide curation of that firehose of bullshit.

It is the same with e-mail; a good email provider will curate, or help you curate, your experience so little or no spam gets through.

Having a relationship with your moderation team is really important, even if it's just occasionally submitting reports and thanking them from time to time. Keep those lines open.

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I kinda love when non-bird people only use the male coloration of birds in their designs and unknowingly give us decorations featuring gay birds.

“Hell is other people.” — Jean-Paul Sartre.

“Traffic is other people.” — every driver.

#cities #traffic #congestion #urbanism

"MineCity 2000 is a program that converts SimCity 2000 cities into Minecraft (Java Edition) worlds"

More Clip Studio Paint bullshit 

So on top of the bullshit monetization scheme Celsys cooked up for version 2 of CSP, the program now has an AI art generating feature that includes unconsented works that is so badly programmed it picked up photos from peoples private medical records?!

Apparently they use a dataset that scrapes info from google drive and other places where you can share files using links.

So takeaways: Fuck Clip Studio Paint, fuck Celsys, and get your art and private data off Google services because they aren't just complicite in this whole AI art thing, they are active contributors that don't give a shit about what info they sell or what HIPPA laws they violate.

Help some native Hawaiians pay some bills, do education work, & keep a roof over the kids by grabbing Neofeud! Also you get an anti-capitalist anti-racist #cyberpunk game :)
Thread on Neofeud:

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trans surgery gofundme 

Jade Oxford Rose, a TTRPG podcaster and friend of a friend, is currently raising funds for their top surgery:

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