This is a piece of art that an old friend drew for me of my character, back before I came out as transgender. The drawing was of my fursona dressed up like my archer character in skyrim (with the bandoliers mod).

One detail I've always liked about this drawing is that the tail design was different. It was still banded, but the fur sort of draped down from it. Right now I'm thinking about maybe changing my fursona's tail to match that.

So, apparently Telegram is going to be reclaiming (ie: stealing) some usernames and auctioning them off, without the username owner's prior knowledge or consent.

Just happened upon a mod for skyrim that adds "Tyrannosaurids", which are like fluffy and chunky t-rexes and I want to pet them lol.

AI-generated image 

Came across a AI-based pokemon generator, and decided to give it a try, using my own name.

Result kinda looks like a shield or crest.

AI generated images 

"dragon with wings made from aurora borealis", generated with

Got a huge storm heading my way within the hour. Its got a sort of bow shape in part of it (indicated by arrow), so its gonna be pretty nasty

TIL that if churches host politically-weighted masses or distribute political messages, they can lose their tax-exempt status.


AI generated creature 

Creature image generated from input "flamingo jackalope hybrid"

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