@Malin Well, it's still rough around the edges, though it seems to have gotten better lately.

@Malin I had been using dreamily.ai as a writing assistant off and on.

@bandie swoops in and does a somersault in the air, then plants a tiny smooch on your nose~

If I were ever able to get into scientific research, I think I'd like to maybe go into botany?

Clandestine US Army testing, Institutional racism 

I saw this article over on Twitter, and… wow. Talk about unauthorized histories. proteanmag.com/2022/11/28/prui

Ban and deplatform nazis on sight its not that fucking hard

Punch them too if its in meatspace

re: hellsite, discord, NOT crypto 

okay, so a discord employee confirmed in the replies that it is NOT crypto.

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uk politics; petition; trans 

I'm not convinced that these petitions are useful, but it only takes a minute to sign this one in support of retaining #trans rights in the Equality Act: petition.parliament.uk/petitio :boosts_ok_gay:

More on the ongoing illegal US occupation of Hawaii, banning our language and culture, mass-imprisoning our people, poisoning our water, and using our stolen land as the global imperialism nexus to plunder and subjugate. octodon.social/@silverspookgam

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#Introductions, please boost! :aliceheartblack: 

Since my last #Introductions post is now like... 6 months old or so... I'm gonna do a new one!

Hey, y'all, I'm Alice! :alicecoolmlem:
I'm a #trans #poly #pansexual #lesbian currently residing in Minnesota with my #queer found family of four. :aliceheartgay:
I post about my #transition, #coffee, #yoga, gayming, #sysadmin things, #programming, mental health, #wellness, and uhhh... All sorts of stuff that goes on in my corner of the Internet. Check out my bio, pinned posts, and my site if you wanna know anything else about me, and feel free to send a follow request! I love keeping up with folks on here and I'm usually super open to interactions. :alicemlem: 🖤 ☀️

Edit: added some hashtags and minor rewording

Thanks for potentially stopping by and take care of yourselves out there! :alicehappy:

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