"Google Drive for Desktop" was discontinued a while back and the desktop client was rebranded to "Google Backup & Sync" which is now being discontinued in favor of the New™ "Google Drive for Desktop" :bloboh:

@mawr Google's never let a functioning system get in the way of innovation.


@LexYeen @mawr Honestly, I think google has a problem with executives who, once put in charge of something, start making pointless changes for the sake of proving they are worth their payroll.

Then they get demoted, transferred, fired, or resign, and then someone else gets put into their old position and does the exact same thing all over again.

@Zauberin @LexYeen @mawr The incentives to launch rather than maintain are stronger at the team and individual level than at the executive level, due to deficiencies in the performance evaluation and promotion systems.

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