I have this one horrible GitHub repo that's a stain on my soul, just a broken-ass Realtek driver tortured into compiling on non-ancient kernels, and now GitHub have selected it to be stored in a vault for the benefit of future mankind. -_-

Artist friends, I have a question: how many rounds of sketch revisions is it okay to request before you're pushing it? >_<

Dear fantasy authors everywhere, please, I'm begging you:

You don't make a horse go by shaking the reins. That only hurts the horse's mouth.

You typically make a horse go with your heels or, depending on training, your voice.

I wish we didn't make fun of that bishop who quit for the love of a satanic erotica writer. Dude made a hard choice in the name of love. That's a good thing.

Dragon masto, can you recommend dragon artists currently taking commissions? I'm looking for something non-cartoony but expressive, medium+ amount of details, colored, shaded.

(Also boost plz? ♥🐉)

Hey, Irish followers, there's a petition up to create safe access zones around hospitals providing abortion services. It's tragic that such would be needed at all, but the next best thing to them being unneeded is them becoming a reality.


A fun observation.

We went horse riding as a family today. The stable people quickly checked @carojal knew what she was doing (she does), and then assumed they had to explain the simplest basics to me.

... This is what women in tech experience all the time, isn't is.

Things that spark joy: knowing I can say "I can still beat the Mantis Lords with the unupgraded nail on the first try" and have a fair few of y'all know why I feel cool about that. ♥

French or French-knowledgeable people in my TL, is there any kind of resource out there for state-of-the-art French grammar around neutral pronouns and neutral adjective declension?

At this point I'm half-convinced that antivaxxery boils down to, shots are unpleasant and humans have a nasty habit of taking their immediate emotional responses as The Truth and then backfilling rationalizations from there.

It's so hot in Ireland right now that I'm not wearing a sweater.

Masto, question: kilts as casual weekend wear, yes or no?

Also, quite impressed with the efficiency of the organization of Irish vaccination centers. Splendid job.

Hot take: there's no such thing as plot-driven. All human stories are fundamentally character-driven, some are just bad at it. :P

(Yes, been catching up on The Mandalorian, how can you tell.)

Dang, my Steam critique of Outer Wilds has taken the heck off and multiple random people have commented it got them to purchase the game.

It feels like I made a difference and that feels sweet. ♥

I really struggle with how noisy this neighborhood is. :( No wonder I'm most productive after sundown...

hot take 

The most fundamental and defining (if not necessarily unique) human emotion is the capacity for grievance over purely symbolic affronts.

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