Speak of a shot in the dark.

Wordle 208 4/6


Still a far cry from Impressing on a proper MU* game like Before the Fall, but damn, I'll take it, provisionally.

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Year I started owning that whatever I am, it sure as heck ain't cis.

Year I started the process of getting well overdue ink committed to my skin.

Year so much shit went sour and so much stuff went right.

Here's to slightly less sour, slightly more right.

Here's to another year not going as planned at all in all the good ways.

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What a god damned year it's been. So much bad. But so much good, too.

Year we moved for hopefully the last time, into our hopefully forever home.

Year I started wearing kilts, because I can.

Year I made it as high up in my career as I'm likely to get.

Year I reconnected with people and a creative pursuit that had meant so, so much, and made new friends on the way.

Dear Metroid Dread, your controls are nowhere NEAR tight enough for you to afford this kind of vanishing platform bullcrap.

Random elderly Irish dude at Woodie's, watching the purchases in my arms: "So how ye planning on loading the bird seed on the mouse trap?"

Me, fluent in Irish: "Carefully. :)"

Wanted: a button I could press like "I am just done playing this game but I'd like to know what happens next" and then it goes into automated narrative mode till the end.

Centaurworld is by far the best show with fart-related plot points.

Irish schools 🎢
Are a cesspool 🎡
And my kid 🎢
Caught COVID 🎡

On the plus side, imagine the galore of overdue vampire fanfics that's just about to roll in.

Interesting mystery for music experts: who the heck wrote and sung this English cover of @shellerwilliam@twitter.com 's 1991 song Un Homme Heureux?


The view from the local train station ain't too bad either.

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