Mystery solved. Past me had anticipated the need for that feature and implemented it in such a simple way that I forgot it was there. Thank you, past me.

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That feeling when the tests for the feature you haven't yet implemented already pass...

Meeting Internet friends RL for the first time in >20 years: yes, actually. ♥

Old Irish lady with blue and purple hair and a saroual who is guerilla gardening in the fallow slope by the train station road, I am very fond of you.

In terms of how much one minds it, it turns out there's a big difference between a spider, and a surprise spider. x_x

I just reached the end of Spiritfarer, and now I must go stare out a window for a long time.

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Abortion, racism, Twitter link 

A reminder that one of pro-lifers actual reasons for overturning Roe vs Wade is because they are racists and they believe it will increase the number of white babies in the US by 60%

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What can I do? So many things 

So if you're thinking "what can I possibly do right now", good news, there are answers:
1) When you earn those dollars, send some of them over to who will get them to the places they need to go.
2) Check in with your local clinic which has, or may no longer support, reproductive services and ask what the heck they need. Type in "local women's health clinic" into Duckduckgo or similar search engine to find it.
3) Tell your congresscritter what's up
4) Most important, meet up with other folks in your area interested in providing services to clinics across the country. It may be hard in your area so check in with your local DSA or Food Not Bombs group and ask who's organizing help in your area.
You have actionable things you can do! It takes time and it's always hard to start new projects, but you can do it!

I don't want to see ANY smug tweet from Europe because the exact same dark forces are at work near you and don't for one second doubt they are feeling emboldened like never before.

Oof, holy crap. I can see how millions died from this. Night's been difficult.

AIGHT. I'm tryna turn up at sometime today. Got everything set up and such. Any advice for someone who has no clue what they're getting into?

Dear posh Malahide fellow on the train who got upset about masks three days ago, my family since tested positive.

You're welcome. 👍🏻

Aging Irish lady chewing a cigarillo and looking at something on your phone with a shit-eating grin, I wish you a wonderful day.

(The event was wonderful and unforgettable. Thank you to all who could come. ♥)

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It's a rare and precious thing that can touch your heart so deeply as to wet your eyes with joy, and I'm lucky and grateful that I get to have this in my life.

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It's been a hard week, and it's a strange time for frivolity, but, if words like or Weyr mean something to you, then you are cordially invited to the Benden Hatching on Sunday.

Details here:

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