It's been a swell many years,, but the allowlist-based federation policy has started to bite as more and more friends have joined weird, niche, or single-user instances.

We'll be migrating over to momentarily.


“Bathrooms that are so cold that you piss steam” is apparently going to be a recurring theme for me today.

@ShezHsky CWs make more sense to me. Just because it’s relevant to your instance and/or doesn’t need CW-ing there doesn’t mean it won’t get federated to other places where a CW is appropriate.

CWs are seen as more of a conditional opt-in than filtering which is a more permanent opt-out, too (e.g. if I look at Masto while at the office).

UK pol, transphobia 

love this idea that some changes to a law from 2004 that the government had a consultation about in 2018 and another one in 2020(?) is being "rushed"

@codl they are really useful for like cooking a small quantity of chips or something

@chiropica We outta count just on the basis that so many languages call us flying mice anyway

@packbat Not disabled (not diagnosed, anyway, almost certainly neurodivergent in some way). I’ve tended to follow the guide of “disabled person/people” as a generic, but “person/people with [disability]” when referring to specific disabilities.

I spend so much less time looking at Mastodon/Twitter when I’m not at work and goodness knows why that might be :p

@astra No need to apologise! It has indeed had problems with publishing transphobic opinion pieces (which the US branch actively retaliated against with their own opinion piece) and it’s still faaaairly centrist rather than properly left-wing.

But it also does some genuinely excellent investigative reporting, is committed to not paywalling information, and has a delightful sense of humour.

Despite problems, It’s still the best we have in our ocean of garbage newspapers, IMO.

@astra Its got its issues, but it’s still probably the best daily national newspaper we have over here (and the only one not owned by a billionaire).

@NLAWScametovisit Ay I dunno if you took this image from elsewhere or what, but that’s not what the article’s title or intro says; nor is it formatted according to The Guardian’s usual style guide.

@astra Pretty sure that toot is Fake News™ by the way. The actual article is very complementary of Mastodon, and doesn’t have the title or byline that’s in the screenshot (and never has, judging by the Wayback Machine).

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