[Furry trash mode activated.]
Gosh we have good fursonas. v huggable.

1️⃣ @integration_art@twitter.com
2️⃣ @Zwiebelprinz@twitter.com

Also they’ve still not sorted their media queries to fix the bug when the viewport is exactly 800px wide.

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Sometimes you just gotta focus on self-care.
Sometimes self-care is more literal maintenance.

A wonderful robat by @integration_art@twitter.com!

re: AI-generated imagery 

It turns out it does a way better job if you say you want an illustration (or are just way more specific in general)

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I remember back when Firefox 4 was first announced and damn I thought it looked so cool.

And I still do. Shit looks cool as hell.

I added OpenGraph metadata to my website, so naturally I needed to make an image to accompany it.

I think I did a pretty good job.

Years and years ago I had a logo in the form of a bat head silhouette with a gear in it.

It didn't get used much and generally got displaced by other symbols later on, especially when I rebranded my personal site to "Grey's Adventures" and changed it to a rocket ship.

Anyway, I brought it back.

Lost my voice so I pipe the macOS `say` command to my audio input and TTS all my phone calls.

I made a little auto-updating Mastodon feed for next to my desk, so y’all can constantly be in my face.

Hypothetical situation for you all. What if:
- Super Animal Royale was also the Star Trek universe.
- Emy was in Starfleet throughout the 22nd to 24th centuries.
- Emy relentlessly dabbed the entire time.

It might look something like this.

Luckily, I am entirely the kind of person to be bored enough to try and fix it!

…In XboxAhoy's art style, because originality is hard.

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