Luckily, I am entirely the kind of person to be bored enough to try and fix it!

…In XboxAhoy's art style, because originality is hard.

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The lack of consistency in iTunes' film thumbnails (or, more likely, the thumbnails provided to iTunes) is utterly infuriating.

I got a iPod Video and filled it with horse music.

Living in Banksy’s hometown means seeing his stuff everywhere but I really think he phoned it in on this one.

I ALSO realised that if you remove my fursona’s snoot you’re left with a happy little onion man.

Truly a day of self-discovery.

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Today I realised that my fursona is actually an eMac with legs and ears attached so I guess that’s my life now.

Inordinately proud of how I managed to incorporate the progressive pride flag colours/arrow into robat face.

Being digital has benefits sometimes. :>

I saved up for a freakin' long time for this so I want it recorded somewhere.

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