my laptop is making A Whirring Noise, but i can tell it's one of the two fans and not the hard drive because it gets louder when the laptop is in a sunbeam.

distressing, but not as distressing as it could be

update! just a lot of dust in the fan. some plastic was ritually sacrificed to make sure everything still runs correctly, we're all good.

@catterfly do you have an aerosol duster? blow that in the vent and it'll probably quiet down; it's likely it's just got dust stuck in it that's making it have to work harder

@Felthry i do and i did yesterday! it quieted down for a bit and was whirry again this morning, so i might haul off the back later to check if a fan blade hasn't snapped itself.

@catterfly probably a good idea, yeah, or maybe some dust or a hair or something has managed to get tangled around the fan bearing or something. Probably an easy fix.

Well, not so easy if the fan blade's snapped, but still, replacing a fan is not the most difficult thing in the world.

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