Waluigi Pinball!!! Can't wait for this DLC to come out!

in dire need of a cuddle pls send help

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cw: shooting 

There was a mass shooting in Oslo this night at and around one of our gay bars. Two people are dead and 21 are injured. The shooter is luckily caught.
This is the worst incident in 10 years, and it's being investigated as a terrorist attack. It deeply saddens me that someone wants to hurt people in this way.

I've been so busy lately, kinda forgot that Masto even existed lol

What the hell is even going on anymore?

I'm upset that Belgium received so few votes, it was the best one imo

Don't think there is too much more for me to post about so I'll stop the Eurovision spam for today :) Looking forward to the final on Saturday

Czechia's song is alright. The way the bass was played was quite interesting.

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