Dream-based story seed 

A 'magical [girl] squad' setup, except after the show has ended.

Someone stumbles on a ship that was once the headquarters of such a squad. The Big Bad has long since been defeated. The AI mission-giver in the ship is a bit loopy and without purpose. It wants new recruits, now that it's woken back up, but it doesn't know what for.

There's technology (magic) just laying around the ship that's vastly more advanced than anything on this entire planet.

The first discoverer, a social psych graduate student in a university, comes back the next day with friends. Students from behavioral psych, computer science, physics, engineering, and anthropology. They form a squad of six, get the usual costumes and powers--and completely ignore them, getting to work on very different projects.

The compsci major analyzes the ship's computer system and figures out what there is that can be hacked into. The physics and engineering majors try to reverse-engineer the high levels of technology and try to find uses for it. Anthropology gets to work out how human culture across the planet would react to the introduction of near-miraculous technology--and how to release it in stages without letting on where it's coming from. The social psych gets to wrangle everyone and be the 'team leader'. And behavioral psych gets to play therapist to a neurotic AI, easing their madness and convincing them of their mission.

They proceed to change the world, without fighting.

re: Dream-based story seed 

@emanate would absolutely read this

Dream-based story seed 

Someone should run this Traveller campaign.

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