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right now a big part of my pain is actually coming from my big toes and I think that some EDS toe splints might be called for. Anyone have recommendations?

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PROTIP: mizudashi pitchers are *amazing* for making iced tea. I have a 750mL pitcher and 10 grams of oolong makes for a perfect brew.

although if I could just find my damn knee braces I'll probably be fine

I really should finish unpacking one of these days

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so hey lately I've come to realize I probably have some form of EDS, given that a lot of my pain problems seem to be associated with always hyperextending joints and all my life my kneecaps have had a tendency to pop out of their joints a little bit

so maybe DDR isn't the best game for me to play

(I haven't played it much lately because it just like... hurts my knees too much, and my doctor said I should probably stop)

A terrible idea for an ironic hentai that I came up with back in grad school 

back in grad school I had an idea for an ironic hentai where the tentacle monster had erectile dysfunction

The premise was that this horrific demon was captured and placed under a containment spell for thousands of years, and the crate he was in was lost and misfiled. Eventually it turned up in a lost and found and a curious person opened it up, releasing him onto a new world he no longer knew.

So he became an accountant.

And then the recurring joke would be that he'd have an opportunity to do the thing that tentacle monsters do, but then he'd go flaccid and then he'd have like this big tangled mass of tentacle-dicks limp on the floor and he'd just like... shuffle off, downtrodden, dicks dragging behind him.

So I captured footage of a carport prowler who was rifling through my things the other night, and so I posted it on Nextdoor, as one does. In my description I referred to him (ironically) as a "gentleman," and so of course THAT'S what all the comments are about.

Wellp, it finally happened… the roomba found a stray Werner poop before I did. Time to bring out the carpet cleaner.

It's amazing how quickly everyone around here went from "I'm still gonna wear masks even though the mask mandate is gone" to "nah no more masking at all." Some folks are still wearing masks but like... most people aren't.

subtooting my cat 

There are so many scratching posts in this room that aren't my couch

I just hit a wall with chronic pain and I can barely type

I can’t do this anymore

i have no idea what's going on and i also don't give a fuck

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the current debate that nextdoor insists on sending me every update about to my email inbox is yet another iteration of the fireworks debate, where on one side we have folks with PTSD and folks with very dry lawns not wanting to be traumatized or made homeless, and on the other side we have people who insist that it's their god-given right because Independence USA FUCK YEAH

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every time I sign up for nextdoor I end up deeply regretting it

why are people so fucking awful to each other over such petty things

I'm watching Tenet and I mostly find it to be boring and disjoint, and as usual Christopher Nolan is way too self-impressed with his one-note execution on a clever-but-not-THAT-clever concept.

Reminder: this is what actual baby carrots look like.

Also they taste like wood

any Seattle folks want a lavender bush or three? I've managed to give away two of them to neighbors but I still have so many of them left

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Well this is a surprise... I bought a refurbished Macbook with touch bar a few years ago, and about a month later the rightmost segment on the touch bar failed.

Just now it spontaneously started working again.

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