dreamstuff, with illustration 

amidst other stuff that I don't remember, I dreamed there were random... pieces of sushi, is what they looked like, rolls and nigiri, lying around on the ground, but when I picked the pieces up and warmed them by cuddling them, they turned into tiny black and white kittens. why black and white kittens? I'M SURE I HAVE NO IDEA. =O______O=

hey @zebratron2084 he found a good home. :D maybe... after taking the picture and thinking about it maybe I'm thinking I should move him off to the side a little, because that images is maybe a little unfortunately placed...

meet the newest member of the family, on his first full day at home! Raziel came from PAWS, is 2 months old, likes exploring, playing, cuddles, exploring, sleeping, cuddles, playing, food, and exploring, and purrs like a buzzsaw on overdrive. he's just over 2 lbs, has a vet appointment on Friday (but is in excellent health), and his markings remind me very much of a spotted skunk.

every day is

so yesterday I learned that the draining board I've been using in our kitchen is *not* dishwasher-safe.

ohmygod Nar just bit his own tail hard enough to pull out a couple of (small) tufts of fur and then he *hissed* at it. I am *dying*.

sudden burst of nostalgia 

I had one of these as a kid and I *adored* it. carted it around, played with it constantly... it was so simple and silly, but it was a very good friend to small me. awoo.space/media/gIGVDuxf4BIcg

a offering! Pooka getting pets and lap-snuggles. not shown: tremendous amounts of purr, drool spots on my leg. pictures are selfie-ish and include near-eye-contact by a human, which is why I've marked them "sensitive." @cats
awoo.space/media/Za-RUjv3pVcFW awoo.space/media/cM1O-9eQewYSO

here's a picture of Pooka enjoying his new warm nap spot. he's still in it, a little more tightly curled up. XD @cats awoo.space/media/rspt2d1zj1_hF

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last night when I went to bed I walked into the bedroom without turning the light on and heard "MRAWR." I looked at the bed as I turned the light on, saying "oh hi Nar," but he wasn't on the bed--and then I realized the yell had come from my feet. and then I realized Nar had pulled clothes off my shelf to make a nest in (again). DARK CLOTHES. I turned off the light and all I could see was a pair of yellow eyes in a black puddle. XD awoo.space/media/fMwymjhDJO7z3 @cats

selfie, eye contact 

I have so many pictures of my cats in this interim, but none of *me*, heh. welp, this is the best I can do: 6/15/2014 and today. :P awoo.space/media/V1QqyS3RR6W_c awoo.space/media/Df23CiiDWqrAW

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porch birdfeeder pictures 

since the porch doesn't have an overhanging roof, I have to hang the feeders from these sticks. so you can get an idea of what I mean when I say that there were two crows at the suet feeder, one standing on the porch railing and the other clinging to the stick. XD

awoo.space/media/86nO0zXhFEZc8 awoo.space/media/1_KhhIQXhWKZG

last night Nar slept between the wall and my pillow, right over my head. my guardian angel. <3 awoo.space/media/81tEDG7lFAmsn

bonus sleepy kitty pics! sleepy Nar with toebeans and Pooka getting petted. it takes a little while for Pooka to get revved up, but when he does he can purr through steel beams... awoo.space/media/ipQw3IEIF1_WU awoo.space/media/7cuY9Ung3VGBO

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