uspol (🎉) 

Trumps former attorney/fixer Michael Cohen has surrendered himself to the FBI and is expected to plead guilty to multiple counts of campaign finance fraud, tax fraud, and bank fraud.

He's scheduled for a court appearance at 4pm Eastern and I am not sure I am going to get much of anything done today now because I will be on PINS AND NEEDLES waiting to hear what comes out.

@noelle gotta admit, I looked at that picture and thought "wow, that's a... remarkably diverse group of skinny white girls they've got going on" :|

honestly robotic cranes stacking and unstacking useless concrete weights for all eternity is the surreal dieselpunk energy storage solution earth deserves

@troodon @zebratron2084 I'm on the 44 headed your direction now--sorry, I'm being confusing! XD I'll come knock on your door & we can figure it out from there, yah?

death, eulogy, dreamwidth link 

a week and a day ago I learned that Darrin Barnett, a friend of mine from over two decades ago, had passed away. a week ago, I wrote an eulogy. today, I finished editing it and posted it to DreamWidth.

em hotep, Darrin.

I dyed my hat green! :D I have no idea what kind of shape it'll be in after it dries, but the color looks *fantastic*! once it's dry, I'll be sewing on the Horde patch, and then I can wear it to Costco with impunity. (that's where I got it and I've been kind of skittish about being challenged for a receipt, though they haven't yet)

I always figured one day I'd drop one of the glass cat food bowls and break it. I didn't figure that one day I'd drop one of the glass bowls *onto* the other glass bowl and break *both* of them at the same time, but that's what happened. XD fortunately, I have a pair of metal bowls that I've been alternating with already, and another pair of more sturdy glass bowls that I bought a while back stashed in the cupboard.

confession, furry 

@noelle you are not the only one. when I was small I hated going to amusement parks and things, because people in "character costumes" would always try to interact with me and it *freaked* me out. I still dislike interacting with them, and will retreat with a fixed smile until I can get away. which is kind of sad--some of the suits I've seen have been *beautiful*. but, just... nope. XD

I have been told that it is #BlackCatAppreciationDay which tbh is every day in this house, I always appreciate my Giant Screaming Purring Love Beast. <3333 Nar.

If I use Mastodon to appreciate ancient Egyptian culture, and a mutual does the same...

Does that mean we have a Toot In Common?


today's task list 

* wait for yardwork to be done
* store
* catboxes
* dishes
* um
* yeah that's about it really

insect death, kitten play-hunting 

so we seem to have developed a ritual where when Spouse leaves for work a moth comes into the house (accidentally so far, but next time??) and then Raziel and I "hunt" it in the living room until Razi eats it. today he mouthed the moth thoroughly, but didn't actually eat it. I praised him anyway. hunter-training is important. *nodnod* #kittenthings

food, sleep 

minor miscalculation... I didn't eat enough before attempting sleep, and the downstairs neighbors started making bacon at 9 pm, and the smell was coming up through the air conditioner, and I realized that I really need to eat something before going to sleep, so now I have, but I'm not sure I'm going to be *able* to sleep because I've had food recently. but I'm tiiiired. ugh. welp, here goes sleep attempt part 2... wish me luck. :P

I'm really enjoying watching the flood of newbies in the Fediverse. It's been a while. :D

Welcome to Masto, frens!! If you're looking for a good getting started guide, I strongly recommend this article by @noelle! It's good!

kids my days and our wacky music 

oh yeah *that's* the reason I had that Laura Branigan album!

oh the night is my world
city lights, painted girls
in the day, nothing matters
it's the nighttime that matters

I'm living in the forest of my dreams...

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kids my days and our wacky music 

rediscovered "Don't Go" by Yazoo the other day, looked the video up on YT, and *dang* it is wonderfully, hilariously goofy.

also reminds me that the first three albums I ever bought (I don't remember the order) were Thompson Twins "Into The Gap," The Cars "Heartbeat City," and Laura Branigan self-titled. I remember almost all of the first two, and can't remember a single song off the last one. XD

dental adventure (extremely mild) 

all he did was x-ray the problem tooth and take care of that. he never, ever nags or complains about dental hygiene or dental condition, he's *always* positive and friendly, and that alone is worth my loyalty. at the next visit he'll take x-rays of the rest of my teeth, and see what else needs to be done, if anything. and "maybe a cleaning," as he said. :)

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