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Hi, I will be migrating from this account to Please follow me there. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, I will be migrating from this account to Please follow me there. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@noiob hey, do we need to be federated with instances in order to remote follow? I've had problems following people at the following instances:

Kira: Don't try to tell me mastodon facts. I already know all of them.

I think is going to be too small going forward, esp because of the allowlist system. It looks like or look better? but everyone is shutting down regs

@admin I'm trying to follow someone from and it's not showing up, do we need to be federated or is that instance blocked for some reason?

I am trying to follow but it's not working, does that mean we don't federate with them? Does someone need to change a setting?

I'm still of the opinion that the problems of mastodon can and will be solved by more and better instances. (semi) Portable accounts means people can jump ship if they don't like the one they are on. It's a different set of problems than birdsite, and I'm not convinced they are fatal. has slowed to a crawl so that's interesting. People are hungry for a new site but are waiting to find out which one to go to

#BandcampFriday is a great time to remind you that if you want to go looking for new music and support black artists on that service, Black Artist Database exists.

Last month I went looking thru the Experimental tab and came across .mp3Neptune, and I'll say this, whether you like what they make or not, they -sure are- experimental.

Gender thoughts 

Noticed at furpoc that there were a lot of he/they or she/they merch but no he/she. "They" doesn't feel right, what can I say my feels are kinda binary 🫠

I feel shitty for only checking masto when bird site looks in trouble but that's the way it is. It's good to see things are still humming along

yes yes I understand for artists this is the worst possible thing. I don't have a solution for that :/

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everyone is like "oh masto, instances go offline all the time it's so unreliable". Like right now what I most need in life is a twitter that goes down all the time so I stop using it.

Does this thing still work? Asking for no reason

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