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@pan ohhhh this game. i loved this game.

@sc i vaguely think there's an rp instance somewhere? but i can't actually remember, so maybe i imagined it.

@theoutrider @kobold gonna second a dreamwidth suggestion, i love how that space is run, and it is super low key to use

spent all night making myself a cozy thing to wear and basically it's just sewing myself a portable blanket???

gonna have a good winter :3

@noiob i want to give a shout out to the ipod flea though, the parody ipo that was just big enough for a headphones jack

catholic school (charming anecdote) 

@envgen truly appreciating the small things in life

a thing i was doing for a while was that every morning i'd write down the date in this small notebook and then write 'good morning' and whatever name/self/entity i was feeling, or aspired to be. that made me feel good. gonna try doing that again.

@pan i saw one a few weeks ago! strutting around like a king

hvee ⏩ booped

*awoos with the force of a thousand pans*


undertale playthrough (spoilers) 

omg that flowey battle took me....ten tries......

that was kind of upsetting and now i'm going to bed

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