I'm gonna have to take awoo.space down sometime later today for an infrastructure switchover. Dunno how long it'll take (hopefully less than an hour) but it should not change anything

So, now that mastodon.social has made this issue public I can disclose that awoo.space had the same misconfiguration issue. If you exported your data it might've been leaked. I'm not sure how long it's been configured that way but it must've been since before I was the admin.

welcome to Ubuntu 22, awoospace. Nothing changed (I hope)

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yay, it broke and I fixed it. Sorry it took so long

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I made the questionable decision to upgrade the Ubuntu version on the awoospace server, so if it goes down it's my fault. Wish me luck!

awoo.space PSA: we haven't joined any fedi "alliances" or anything

anyone else waiting for an allowlist addition: I'm sorry, I'm way behind -noiob

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Awoo! We're now federating with these new instances

public instances:

monsterfuckers.online (admin contact: @snarkydragonbutt)
jubi.life (admin: @GTSAttendant)

private or invite-only instances:

queer.garden (admin: @moiety)

(sorry about the multiple posts)

AWOO! we're back! @noiob says sorry for the extended downtime. Our new server is faster but it's gonna take some time to catch up with the rest of the fediverse, so it might still feel a bit slow for a while, but with the added power awoospace should be more stable than ever :janiawoo:

Masto PSA: If you're still using a third-party service to delete old posts check your instance's /statuses_cleanup path (Automated post deletion in settings).
Setting it up there instead of externally allows your instance to process the deletes only when it has the processing power to spare which is important rn as instances get hit hard by the current influx of users and activity :)

Switching awoo to only support invites because I'm sick of people not reading the additional text and mentioning a previous account (and it won't even show up in the apps, which for some reason have a signup flow integrated now)

I've temporarily opened invites for all awoo.space users, you can now generate invite links for your friends if they wanna come here. Don't share them publicly. they're under awoo.space/invites

say awoo! to werebeast.io, who we've been federating with for a while now. Their admin is @VK3VKK

Say awoo to @flipp and the other new friends from skunk.agency that we now federate with!

Login was broken due to database migrations not applying when I updated yesterday, should be fixed now -@noiob

Let's talk about another awoospace feature! On the default glitch-soc flavor, when you type in a CW you'll notice that the character limit disappears. This means you can type as long as you want (within technical limits) without needing to make multiple posts

Sorry about the unannounced downtime, our provider, SSDnodes, did some work in the Frankfurt data center and there must've been an issue with the notification emails. They're sorry and I guess the server this whole mess runs on is in a nicer place now, so that's cool

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