Quick awoospace announcement: In the interest of not being the only person who can poke the server if it crashes or sth I've given @Siph access to it. If I'm not online and something goes seriously wrong xe can probably help you, but I'll still handle the technical stuff

I'm gonna do a quick reboot to test if it'll come back up and also because some update requires it

things are gonna be slow since we were down for a few hours, but it seems to be working so far

if you can read this I didn't mess up the awoospace server migration

Mirrored from the announcement:

Hold onto your butts, I'm gonna shut awoo down to move to a new server when this message is 30 minutes old, that's 14:20 GMT, then it's gonna take a while to do the migration and for the DNS to propagate. Watch @noiob for any news in the meantime

even if you've been on Masto for a while now, I strongly recommend checking out #mastomonday because people are doing incredible stuff

my project for Masto monday is updating/ fixing up the awoospace server and getting ready for a transfer to a new one

also I posted this I guess

Hold onto your butts, we're updating to Mastodon 3.1

friendly reminder that #MastoMonday is in just a few days!! what are ya gonna post?? who are you gonna invite to masto?? i wanna know!

a happy awoo to @makyo who's now federating with awoospace! :janiawoo:

small update to awoospace (reload the page), Youtube embeds should work again

In other news I just dropped 150$ on three years of Awoospace and I can afford it but if anyone would like to chip in for server costs, uh paypal.me/noiob

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I just found out that federation with subdomains (so anything that has more than one dot in the URL, i.e. example_instance.masto.host) has been broken since the 3.0 update. Sorry for only noticing it now but it has been fixed -noiob

I finally managed to bring back the profile directory, enjoy!

Trends now show up, not sure if I'm gonna keep them on as there usually aren't any. I have to manually approve them for now.

Also I finally fixed local-only mode, which was apparently broken ever since we introduced the feature, welp

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