small update to awoospace (reload the page), Youtube embeds should work again

In other news I just dropped 150$ on three years of Awoospace and I can afford it but if anyone would like to chip in for server costs, uh

I just found out that federation with subdomains (so anything that has more than one dot in the URL, i.e. has been broken since the 3.0 update. Sorry for only noticing it now but it has been fixed -noiob

I finally managed to bring back the profile directory, enjoy!

Trends now show up, not sure if I'm gonna keep them on as there usually aren't any. I have to manually approve them for now.

Also I finally fixed local-only mode, which was apparently broken ever since we introduced the feature, welp

Awoo PSA: Our host seems to be having some trouble and that's why the instance is throwing errors. I can't do anything about it because I can't even ssh into the server right now. Sorry for the inconvenience! -noiob

Known 3.1 issue: apparently the user directory is off, I'll fix that soon -noiob

Okay, we should be all the way back! Enjoy the Mastodon 3.1 features and please report any bugs or weird behavior! :janiawoo:​ -noiob

okay, we should be back, but I still need to re-add 172 sites to our allowlist, so hold onto your awoos while I try to get that done automatically -noiob

I will try to update to Mastodon 3.1 now, wish me luck, there may be quite a bit of downtime because the update includes a major database migration -noiob

After some troubleshooting I haven't found a real reason why notification emails wouldn't work. If they don't work for you, try switching your language English or English (Awoo!) respectively and back after a bit. Hope that fixes it

We are aware that there currently is an issue with emails not being sent out. It will take some time until it fixed, please excuse the delay. The notifications in the web interface and apps should be unaffected.

and we're back! everything seems to still work *counts paws* ah dang I should've counted them before, now I don't know if the number changed

noiob's gonna do a quick reboot of the instance! hold onto your tails! and paws! and snouts! or whatever's applicable *smol awoo*

hey, @noiob just fixed a thing with the custom language pack we have set up, so here's a quick reminder that you can change your language to English (Awoo!) in the settings for custom notification messages!

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