We will be having some downtime on 11/01/2021 between 6:00 and 18:00 UTC for an SSDnodes upgrade. It'll probably just be around 30 minutes and I don't expect any trouble.

Apparently both Cloudflare and Google won't resolve wasabisys.com right now "as a result of some malicious content hosted in one of the regions". I've temporarily remedied the issue, so media should upload again status.wasabi.com

We have a new addition to our allowlist! Say awoo to puppy.cafe and their admin @bowie :janiawoo:

social.bund.de has been added to our allowlist! It's the instance of @bfdi (the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information)

Sorry for the instability on awoospace tonight, turns out Mastodon doesn't like it when you add weird non-printing characters to the allowlist, and it's a pain to debug, who knew

And finally for tonight we have pounced-on.me joining us who is administrated by @nilsding! Awoo! :janiawoo:

After some server troubles, back to federation announcements!

Next is pixie.town, administrated by @f0x :janiawoo:

We have a new addition to our allow list! Please welcome tech.lgbt, whose admin is @david !


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