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CW: Bio, health, teeth, anxiety, Seattle area request for help, (redrafted) :boost_ok:​ 

I have anxiety about my teeth. when I'm really high, i can imagine my mouth is dying. it sucks. I have anxiety about dentist. They are all experts in guilt, no matter how gentle they try to be, and every visit is just excruciating.

I still need recs for one, though. I need a lot of work. Preferably one with the good machines and surgeons and the Good drugs. femme dentist preferred. Queer friendly preferred


It's a damn good feeling when you get called as a professional reference, and you actually get to actually give a positive report. I hope all my green-badges get their jobs!

A weird tech problem to have CW: Richard III (Shakespear) 

A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a VGA Cable!

A new hill to die on. You can fite me and lose. :boost_ok:​ 

gen:Lock season 2 is non-cannon and will join Venus deMilo as yet another Thing that is Not Talked About.

I will not be taking questions at this time. I'm too fucking mad.

Happy N7 Day to those who celebrate! It's my favorite day on the Citadel!

Here We Go! :boost_ok: 

Ah, yes. The three genders
-Superstar DJ

I just inherited a sundress. Time to get railed like public transit!

Huskybot Platform B-04 

The 4th iteration of the Huskybot Beta-class platform. The design keeps getting closer to what I picture in my head. This was done by SPUR0 on FA

CW: weed and poetry coming in hot. 

Did you cut a ticket for it yet?

i’m already figured inside the machine
statistically profiled by distance from means
Didn’t ask to be born under regime’s routines
But it taught me to read, and say what i seen

Stream's currently looping quarters's quarterly -ession
Channel 2: PR News, Channel 1: Your Repression
and If you can afford it, toss in an election!

and its driving the fucking headshrinkers to drink
apes addicted to winning, and it hurts when we think
tribe fighting tribe, oldest story we know
bicameral brain atop lizard plateau

Huskybot's next gaming rig, Crowdsourcing information, :boost_ok:​ 

Thinking of doing a dual motherboard setup for doing streaming.

Other identified constraints:
-AMD processor
-nVidia graphics card
-VR capable
-Side Window in case
-AIO liquid cooler
-More RGB than is reasonable or tasteful. Would like to get RGB motherboard edge/backlight, but certainly accents on MB.

-Budget is approximately $3,000USD.

I''m having a hard time sifting through just what is actually good/high end, and I'm worried I've been priced out of what used to be my bread and butter: building my own rig.

If I have to get a pre-built, I will. but given my choice, i'd much rather build my own. Can someone help me find a good MB/CPU combo?

Hull breach! (CW: Covid-19 Vaccine Update ++) 

Second shot received yesterday. only side effects are soreness in the muscle. Happy to have my papers in my purse where they belong. Please get your shots as soon as you can. I know there's dumb things being done that are out of all our control. Work through that shit and get the stick when you can. We got this!

mayday selfie (cw: eye contact) 

A friend asked for pics for their uptime anniversary. And you all get to see cause I had a good day. Stay shiny!

Working for the Building People, 1.5 weeks update (~, long, talking about the orthosona's new job.) 

Okay! now that orientation is out of the way and I don''t have to sit through introductory classes on "how to be a team player" or "The theory of good IT support" where we learn about the company values and why updating tickets and being honest with users is a good idea, how're things going?

Kind of mixed.
-I still don't have access to some tools. This is nothing new and happens with every job, so NBD.
-I'm going to be iffy and asking for verification on workflows for the next month or two. This is apparently expected behavior, and my predecessor and _his_ new boss are fully expecting him to be distracted by helping me get fully up to speed.
-I'm probably not going to get to slack off like I did with the River Tribe (the last 3 months notwithstanding). There are a lot of disconnected moving pieces I'm going to have to work fast to keep up in the air while I'm building the automation underneath them so I don't have to think fast anymore. And I don't know how they are all shaped yet, how fast they are going, and what breaks when they land. All things that I usually find out about when I fuck up. Trying to not have that happen this time, but its kind of inevitable. It is on my to have as much of my ass covered
-My new boss is probably going to be a hardass that I'm going to end up avoiding as much as possible until we figure out how to work together. He demanded I remove my N7 icon from visibility cause it wasn't professional, even though its basically my look and how i choose to be recognized and be available to anyone who needs me. Whatever. Its just a picture, and I've got it everywhere else!

My lack of attention span bit me last week, though, as I was on ZOOM meetings all day. going over things that are perfectly comprehensible from the intranet documentation. And my fidget cube fell out of my pants, and so maybe I was on my phone while I should've been staring at the glowing webcam dot. In my defense:

All that training could've been an email.

SEA Area, Re-asking for rec (CW: oral hygiene) :boost_ok:​ 

A few months ago, i was complaining about my dentist and someone following me gave a rec for a different one to try and I lost the link.

I've got dental anxiety and need a lot of work, possibly full bridges/surgery and don't want to be aware for any of it.

Can whomever it was re-send? Thank you!

Do adults get to do summer camp? I wanna have a fling by a lake with a hot girl I'll never see again.

Given the choice, I'd rather be a notch in a bedpost, than a line in a song.

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