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So my brain is essentially a commune made up of weird queer walking talking animal beings.

It's pretty great and rad, actually?

COVID (-) 

So... I'm quarantining for 14 days because I was exposed to COVID at work, and while my test came back negative I'm not entirely sure *when* I was exposed so that test could be meaningless. I'm hoping I just get to enjoy these 14 days off work and the worst of it is a little boredom...

Me: time for bed!
Me two hours later: spring cleaning time

Gender Euphoria 

So I made a post about it on bird site after some discussion, but I think I wanna start primarily using It/It's pronouns.

They just feel... so much more right? They/Them and She/Her are still good. But a friend started casually using It/It's and it's been giving me a lot of good feelings.

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I love being queer and I will never change who am to please other people

re: leftist political philosophy meme 

I genuinely believe both but one is actually productive to argue with people that arent super deep into weird philosophical leftism.

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leftist political philosophy meme 

My politics normally: we should abolish prisons!
My politics when I get real manic: we should abolish time!

PTSD, mental health(-) 

I think my PTSD isnt exactly in remission... or whatever the correct word is.

Last year around this time I saw someone who hurt me in the past. It was a really traumatic reminder and the first time I thought of it in years, and it wasn't until then that I realized how bad it was.

This year I was in the same place, and couldn't relax for fear of seeing them again. Hopefully it passes and I can actually have a good time...

mental health (-) 

Me: *tries to push people away*
Also me: *worries about people leaving me*

GRS, Uncertainty/Anxiety 

I... think that I want GRS.

I'm still not sure but... I haven't been sure of a lot of things that I want before I get them. And when I think about this specifically it just... I dunno. There's this positivity in my head about it?

I think one thing about it is that I don't really *mind* having a dick, I kinda like it sometimes, but now that it doesn't work it's a significant source of dysphoria for me. So yeah. I want GRS.

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The trick is I'm always sleepy and never stop posting.

Goodnight fediverse!

sleepyposting, kinda horny 

I'm a toy, and I like being useful.

I'm a toy and I like playing with other toys.

But most importantly: I'm a toy!

sleepyposting, being gay for people and things 

Aaaaaa I love all my friends and plushies and partner so much.

Being able to say that feels really nice and is important to me.

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Tappity tap those claws, snappity snap that maw

I'm definitely very manic considering I decided 3am would be a great time to start learning to code.

Which is actually hilarious to me.

hrt, transmed discourse? idk 

Sometimes I worry I'm medicalizing my transition by celebrating the day I started hormones over my birthday (same day and everything!). It's meaningful to me in a way my birthday isnt.

But for me its the first day I felt like all of this was real, and the day I started exploring things even more deeply. I've tried going off HRT, I wanna try SERMs. This isnt something important because its medical, this is something important because I'm taking control over my body.

And no matter what someone decides to do, or can do, their transness is as real as mine. 🖤

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really? i just have to put this gel on every day and i'll turn into a literal werewolf

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