after an hour of technical investigation, i can only conclude that at LEAST one of the following is true

1) the internet is bad
2) my ISP is bad
3) my internet connection is bad
4) my router is bad
5) my network adapter is bad
6) my computer is bad
7) I'm bad

i think i've narrowed it down to "i live in the middle of a city and every single 2.4 GHz channel is completely congested but 5 GHz is fine, however for some reason my computer and router don't want to connect over 5 GHz sometimes" which i have somehow fixed by setting the router's 2.4 GHz channel to the channel with the MOST interference, so that it forces 5 GHz? i have no idea if this is happening but now i'm getting 100 Mbps again. so.. maybe time to set up the 5 GHz AP with its own SSID

@jk 5ghz gets absorbed and reflected a lot easier so it's harder to actually use in other rooms

@kyra @jk also there's better and worse 5GHz channels


@Nine @noiob @jk WiFi is a type of light you can't see. Some objects have "colours" that soak it in or reflect it, just like how some things look shiny or Matte and/or dark to the eye

@Nine @noiob @jk oh I'm late aren't i. My phone only showed me the one reply

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