So what effect are superconductors gonna have on energy storage?

@kyra none if energy companies have their way. They'll snap the tech up to reduce their costs and then raise prices for consumers anyway because "oh no the outlay was just far too much we're SOOOOOO poor and need your money"

@Nine at-scale energy generation becomes far less necessary with superconductivity being a viable option

@kyra probably not much to the average consumer but it'll be easier to smooth out demand if these get cheaper and easier to run, the fact that they're extremely fast to charge and discharge is great. I doubt they'll work in something like a car because of the large magnetic fields involved

@kyra energy density is also an order of magnitude lower than traditional batteries, though idk if that changes once you don't need to supercool them

@noiob might be better given that cold stuff usually has... Less energy in it? But superconductors are so weird I'm honestly not sure

@kyra the amount of power that can flow through a superconductor without it breaking is a characteristic of the material (since they only superconduct at specific temp/pressure combinations the temperature doesn't affect it)

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