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hello friends and enemies, would you like a halo 3 stream tonight?
I have never played it before because I'm very poor

hamilton is centrism attempting to manifest itself physically through ritual

real life will completely outpace the onion before 2025, rendering it just an online news source

This bundle has over 1000 games in it now. Frog Fractions 2 is in it somewhere. Happy hunting!

@kyra thats when you shoot a gun whenever your dog eats meringue

American: *looking at 24h clock* This is military time

I actually do use my browser and game or work (which is currently on a game) concurrently. I also don't like google or what it constantly does which all factor into my browser decision

*back in my day voice* back in my day went down for several hours because gargron was on a train with no wifi

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watching oil prices and slamming a giant bell, screaming "that's a numberwang!"

commissions post, Covid 

I lost my job due to the virus and I don't get any unemployment until next month. If you would like some of my art for £20 please get in touch through DM. Paypal only !

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