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cool PSA!! if you're having trouble with content warnings outside of flashing lights and such, think.... when you got the DiRT:

Disturbing: is the content disturbing, upsetting, or otherwise disquieting to the viewer?

Raunchy - is the content sexual or suggestive, or does it depict sexual body parts?

Touchy - is the content about a controversial or personal subject, such as politics or mental health?

...think twice! tag once! and always listen to your folks when they think a CW is needed

There is only one problem that "blockchain" is the right answer to, and that problem is "how do I quickly evaluate if someone is a complete crank when it comes to technology?".

(Muting this post because frankly watching folks try to justify this technology is even more of a waste of computing and mental resources than blockchain itself).

the internet is like tetris: new information comes at you, and you have to integrate it into your worldview. the faster it comes, the less time you have to make sense of it, until your brain completely fills up right to the brim and you immediately die

xbox joke 

xbox 360
xbox one
xbox one x
xbox series x and xbox series s
xbox x
xbox x plus
xbox x ver 1.5
xbox x2
xbox x2:
xbox xx slash
xbox xx accent core
xbox xx accent core plus
xbox xx accent core plus R
xbox 2: overture
xbox xrd: sign
xbox xrd rev 2
xbox xrd: revelator
xbox strive

it feels like a baroquely evil curse by some obscure ancient greek deity who i upset by being trans

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I've a lot of small lingering injuries & various problems with my body that it seems to just not want to address. My body is however endlessly enthusiastic to grow facial hairs that are sort of like steel splinters, in that they routinely pierce my skin and give me tiny cuts

I like how I cant make rational decisions because I hate myself too much and the foundation of my psyche is built on the idea that I deserve this.
cool how factors that reinforce that idea are imposed on me by forces I cant control and probably won't mitigate because I cant believe i deserve to fight back, even though I know that to be true

fascism and genocide mention, tl;dr crushing fascism is essential to our collective survival 

while it's important to remember that fascists are wildly incompetent and pathetic, it's also important to remember that an incompetently executed genocide is still a historic catastrophe.
The price for complacency is too high

I will never know the dude personally or even speak to him once but I would rather he live well and never make anything else than destroy himself producing any amount of pages for a manga I like

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i need to learn to accept help
but i have never learned anything, so ill just die ig

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