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Now that I’ve properly traveled with it, I’m really happy with the Aeropress Go!

Some of the components feel like they could’ve been a touch better designed, but it’s done great overall.

waiting in the airport for my flight to San Diego!

the mood in here is definitely stranger than usual. quieter, too, which is kinda nice.

"Dot Com Boom" Corp Culture Theory [2/2] 

Therefore it's in a business' best interest to take on so much debt it nearly sinks them, use it to hire salespeople who then pressure the rest of the company to cut corners to make deadlines faster before the entire thing collapses under the mountain of debt they've taken on.

And people wonder why our product quality is constantly getting worse...

I haven't seen a (100+ person) company that's not run this way since the 90s... :thaenkin:

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these were real advertisements that a company really wrote and really published to really persuade people and there's the serious societal issues that you can discuss here but also


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It's WORLD PANGOLIN DAY! My timeline does not have enough pangolins on it considering this fact and nor does yours, so please accept this contribution.


*cutesy doggo voice but in classical greek* aren't you a little Heckintonchonkeries today's work music: big reminder that the video for Justice's "DVNO" still fucking slaps

and you may find yourself
behind the wheel of a large automobile
the size of a small automobile

lewd lizard shitpost 

other guys: text u at 2am asking for nudes
lizard: text u at 2am asking for bug

remember that whole "Attack Helicopter" fiasco? Gretchen Felker-Martin has a great article on it that just went up today, full of coup de graces like this:


FF6:Worlds Collide is pretty fun! not as replayable a randomizer as FE is, I’d say, but quite enjoyable for a spin.

Also, I’d forgotten just *how* delightful the FF6 end credits are.

i don't know why furries are talking about The King In Yellow but i can only assume it means they're playing and it's about dang time.

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