I logged into this account for the first time in years, and *literally* the second post in my feed is angry, righteous instance drama.

So glad to see that it never stopped.

Anyway, I’ll be here but only as an emergency backup. I’m not going back to the constant shitfits.

Otters know where to find the best shellfish because they have good mussel memory.

Really good case study about King Arthur Flour's response to the pandemic baking boom. It's notable that they're an employee-owned company, and as such have made a lot of good decisions on behalf of those same employees' health and safety. And beyond that, funding bakeries that they supply to bake bread for people in crisis and frontline workers.



currently enjoying the 90-second-long period of time that occurs only twice per year, where the sun shines at exactly the correct angle to go through the front window of our flat, through the living room, into the hallway, down the small set of stairs that goes to the back, and into the kitchen, where it lands exactly in the 20cm wide gap between counter units next to the sink (which is impossible to clean behind) and illuminates, with glorious intensity, a plastic hose and 1 piece of dry pasta

The ACNH credits list the game as having 2 UI Planners, 7 UI Designers, and 11 UI Programmers.

And I hope they're all ashamed of themselves.

How can 20 people create a UX so thoroughly bad?

I used the neural net GPT-2 to generate some April Fools pranks.

conveniently they're all pranks you play on yourself. or possibly solo performance art.

ACNH negative opinions 

who’s bright idea was it to add *tool durability*, with the *good* tools lasting 1/4 of the uses required for the materials grind they immediately give you?

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ACNH negative opinions 

The opening experience of ACNH is awful! objectively!

There are so many unnecessary gates and tedious grind quests before you are able to *actually play the game*. This is crap design, and I hate that kind of stuff.

I’m told that it gets better, but unless you binge hard (which runs into *other* problems with time-gates!), it’s almost a week of forced functionality unlocks and grinding. Maybe then, I can enjoy it?

The leafy video is a pretty nice shot of a detail that's difficult to film - the nearly-invisible wavy ridges that they use to propel themselves, running along their back as well as on their "ears".

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Some seadragon videos from last week!

These were taken at the Birch Aquarium at UCSD.

First up, a weedy seadragon doing a twirl

covid / blfc 

And there’s the announcement: BLFC is postponed to Halloween.

Glad they’re putting out as much advance notice as they can for it.

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Goodbye, San Diego! This has been a fantastic trip.

in preparation for a possible coronavirus quarantine I have finished stocking up on supplies and I'm happy to say my apartment is now full of hundreds of live scorpions

covid / blfc 

at least many of the airlines are making special exemptions for rebooking flights right now, which is usually the worst part of the lock-in.

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covid / blfc 

The GSR emailed their update press release saying everything is fine, and BLFC’s most recent statement a week ago says it’s fine, but I’m really starting to doubt the chances that it’s going to be happening...

I still want to see people, though. I’m pondering setting up a micro-event, just for folks I know who already took time off.

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