Some seadragon videos from last week!

These were taken at the Birch Aquarium at UCSD.

First up, a weedy seadragon doing a twirl

In the truest manner of coder-furry, I had to reinvent the wheels and bake my own art gallery from scratch.

But now it's done, and I think it looks really nice!

Sinter, Chicory, and Array having a fantastic trip to the beach!

A commission for our anniversary together, drawn by @Mous. It's been such a wonderful year 💞

I got tired of the Kingdom Death Monster divider being unusable, so I made my own from scratch.

Chicory spoiled us with a surprise gift for my and Array’s anniversary!

I’m melting from how sweet it is.


Now that I realize what this Mystic Quest monster *is*, I’m surprised WoTC tolerated it! they were pretty darn fussy about that trademark.

aaaaaaa, this pic of Aura is so good!


The glitchwyrm has risen again! Even the "OH NO!" button won't save you now.

An amazing Kid Pix commission from !

Now that i'm settled in back home, check out this amazing commission I got from Royalty at FE!

this shitposty flier was posted all around the con at FE and it’s killing me

So, I bought a boat...

Or rather, I adopted Tibertius from :3
I absolutely love this character, the design is so amazing!

check out these two adorable cuddlebirbs!!

A commission of my Aura relaxing in my boyfriend Maxwell's floofy arms.

🎨 by

It's Soba, the weedy seabold!

Finally brought this fella to life. there's not enough water kobolds out there, you know?

(🎨: )

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