Mastodon is a scam invented by domain companies to sell more vanity domains

@noiob Tying federation to the domain-name is basically lock-in.

@noiob The domain name.

...which wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't that domains (especially TLDs) are increasingly a market, with changing prices and rules. The .cat NIC could, at any time, decide to start enforcing the Catalan language requirement, and there'd be nothing I could do about it.

(Note: the domain name was not my idea; other people set up TootCat, and I took over hosting when their priorities changed.)

This isn't a huge complaint, but it really actually would be nice if federation were based on a self-generated key instead of a domain you have to pay for.

@woozle hm yeah, it'd be cool if you could easily move between domain names

@joshua hot take? I assure you I'm just shitposting

@noiob lol i know you are

there was a take about this in like 2017 when masto instances other than masto soc started forming 😂 😭

like a serious take, and it was this 😂

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