❕ Hey, new folks, noiob here, I am (currently the only) mod here on awoo (we're pretty smol). There's been concern about influx due to the stuff. I'd like to remind you that we are not "yet another instance" but an experiment to provide a safer space than the mastoverse currently is.

That includes us having a stricter federation policy: You will only see posts from whitelisted instances here (currently only iirc).

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PSA cont 

I'm sorry that our federation policy is not more prominently displayed, I think I can promise we'll fix that! If you think awoo is the space for you, please remember our Code of Conduct (see guidelines) and our moderation policy: I, as a mod, do not have block powers, but am here to talk to people that make you uncomfortable, so they may understand (if they don't, or don't care, we have and will block peeps)
If you have any questions, you can always ask, too

@noiob so, to be clear: I can't even follow (and get posts on my home timeline from) users on non-whitelisted instances, right? not complaining if that's the case, I'm just trying to figure out how precisely this all works

@typhlosion yes, we have a whitelist for foreign instances, as opposed to a blacklist like vanilla masto has

@noiob ah, alright. thanks for clearing that up

it would be cool to be able to remote-follow anyone, if only to be able to see their posts on home timeline and not boost them or otherwise interact with them, but i guess that tech is far off yet

federation discourse, awoo tech 

@typhlosion I think that's a problem with the system, because any posts you get on your home timeline will show up on the federated timeline

@typhlosion @noiob blehhh. :( i'm having the strong "i would have done it differently" vibes right now. maybe i'll take a look at the mastodon codebase sometime.

@typhlosion I can relate. Still, our start page is our storefront / entrance area where we should clear up the confusion

@noiob yeah. as I've said elsewhere, I think a lot of the rough edges people are complaining about right now will get smoothed out as the tech and the infrastructure improve. there's something to this whole decentralization thing, I feel it in my bones, and if masto isn't the endpoint it's gotta at least be a step in the right direction

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