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Hi I guess I have a Patreon now???

It's at, and I'll put things like Ita2 updates there early before I post them anywhere else, along with music or any other things I make o.o

I don't have anything up yet but I'll do a writeup of some interesting things I've been running into while working on Ita2 the past few weeks by tomorrow! and I know it's the end of the month so it's totally okay if you wait until after January 1 so you don't get charged for one day of posts o.o

My friends Ashley and Jill are crowdfunding for a sequel to their game Petal Crash!!

(I've been working on a Neo Geo port of the original game so this is super exciting and cool to see!!)

Living situation, request for help 

@KS and I have gotten enough money for a moving truck, thanks to everybody in the GoFundMe... we'll be moving our things up to Seattle next week, and looking for friends to stay with and jobs to start working so we can afford someplace to stay...

If anybody out there might be willing to help give us a place where we can stay for a little while, or have pointers to homeless help or job opportunities, please, please let us know... it would mean a lot to us...

Living situation, request for help 

Hi again, and, sorry again for asking for help...

@KS and I are still looking for help and a place to stay... we will be leaving our current home at the end of March (in two weeks' time from this toot) and need help getting money, a job, and a place to stay.
We have a GoFundMe page here:

We're looking to move into the PNW area (preferably Seattle, though Portland area or somewhere else near is also fine with us). If any of our mutuals can give us a place to stay/couch-surf for a little while, or know of any shelters we can stay at or places we can look for assistance, we would appreciate it immensely.

Also, if anybody is hiring for a programmer job, we both have experience and are looking for work.

My resume:
Kaito's portfolio:

Living situation, Request for help 

@KS and I are in a very uncomfortable living situation right now (staying with my ex who is not super thrilled about us living here) and we have until our apartment lease runs out at the end of this month to find a place for us to go.

Neither of us have paying jobs right now, despite our best efforts. We have no idea where to start looking for help.

We would like to end up somewhere in the PNW if possible and stay out of states that have laws/policies that would harm a trans/enby couple (TX, NC, OK, etc), though we understand that we just need someplace we can have shelter and food for now.

If anybody has any suggestions for what we can do or might be able to help us, please let us know. We are thinking about maybe setting up a GoFundMe or something but aren't sure if it would matter or help us at all.

I just wanna be a sleepy Alolan Ninetales... is that too much to ask...?

-, sick 

It turns out eating something that makes you nauseous, after getting a vaccine with side effects including nausea, makes you feel pretty awful. x.x;;

Retro World Series hosted a Tetris Attack tournament at LVL UP Expo in Vegas again this year, and I was defending champ...

It was a hard-fought battle, but I won the tournament a second year in a row, after a rematch of last year's finals against Fuum ( ^w^

Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

... well, that was a silly mistake. ^.^; It turns out "load value" has a slightly different meaning than "load from address", but the instructions differ by only one character...

In any case, text drawing works again. ^w^

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Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

Still not quite working...

The corrupted tiles look different every time, so I guess that's a clue? But why would it be reading from RAM somewhere...?

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Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

Still working, very slowly, on rewriting everything so it works in this new format.

I feel like I'm back where I started 3 years ago...

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Streaming notification 

I think I'll try streaming A Link to the Past Multiworld Randomizer tonight, with @KS! Here's a link where you can watch us both:

Working through horrible, terrible anxiety and depression is difficult... but I'll try and post about the Itadaki Street 2 translation again soon.

I'm sorry that I've essentially been MIA here and on Twitter for quite some time now ... Social media is far too exhausting anymore. x.x

You can tell I'm not feeling okay if I ever start reading my twitter homepage...

Just finished reading a book today, and a line at the end, in a message from the authors, made me break down crying ...

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