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And now for something a little less reverent: my husband pointed this out to me and now I cannot unsee it.

(These have been added to the list of Local Speciaaaalities I Have Gotten Kansas Family Addicted To And Have To Ship Back For Them, along with pork roll and TastyKakes. )

Absolutely sodding knackered.

Someone have a nap for me.

Pain stuff 

Hah. Think I may have jumped the gun on the whole sitting up at my desk thing here. Wondered why I was getting in an increasingly bad mood and just sussed every time I move forward a little bit, my bruised ribs don't half chafe like a chafey thing from chafetown. That + my head pain is a delicious mix, I tells thee.

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Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. Don't give the moles any ideas. Do not inspire the moles to evolve the need for mountain-sized molehills by becoming mountain-sized moles. They must aspire only to the dirt, and in dirt they must remain.

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Me: in the beginning was the word, and-
Audience: was the word 'awoo'?
Me: *rifles through several pages of expository discourse* ...yes, it was awoo

It is never safe to turn your computer off.

Anyway. I am out of bed and have only been punched by a small child once so far so that's a good run IMO

A space is less safe if journalists don't understand that broadcasting stuff from there to their readership explicitly breaks trust.

I say one, I've got five here so I don't have to go back downstairs. Also, it's not a balcony, it's a bed. Don't tell anyone tho.

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*glances over the ledge*

People talking about adoption curves and gnu trousers or something.

*Puts feet back up on balcony and has a nice Ribena*

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please please please lets keep this a safe, moderated place. i cant bear to watch another thing i love being burned to the ground by hateful ppl and capitalist bs

Getting out of bed attempt number 3.

The really nice thing about being over here is having a public timeline that's just nice and peaceful to read.

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