@noiob sounds like integer scaling with lower N pixels of the square turned off.
E.g.: 320x240 interlaced signal upscaled 4x to 1280x960 and with zero-indexed lines line%4==3 (3, 7, 11, 15, 19, ..., 955, 959) being completely shut down, line%4==0 being updated every even (frame_no%2==0) frame and going black otherwise, line%4==1 being updated every frame, and line%4==2 being updated every odd frame (frame_no%2==1) and going black otherwise. This way you'd get really intense CRT feelings.

@noiob that's not just on iOS, but on pretty much every android release too, which is the result of an interface contract that doesn't get honored between OS releases that re-implements stuff all the time and leaves for the app developers to figure out a cross-vendor-compatible and cross-version-compatible way their app can be rewritten in this implementation hell. Apple is less worse for developers because cross-vendor-compatibility isn't an issue.

@noiob why does a light switch command processed in the local network need to be routed through google servers?

@noiob remembers something like my old Motorola XT300, which battery goes from 100% down to 5% in less than half an hour and stays there for 8 or even 12 hours before it runs out of power.

@Azure you can find places like coursera, udemy, edx, masterclass, etc, where people take a "GIT course" like they could do with an "ASP.NET course" or an "HTML5 course" and take the course completion certificate to their resume as if it was a certification in that specific technology.

@rysiek the same way no one would download someone's else art gallery, upload it as NFT and then trade the resulting tokens... right?

@noiob but the keyboard raised right after you tapped over a UWP text bar while on Win32 apps you'd need clicking the keyboard icon near the systray icons.

@noiob it installed HP bloatware on a cleanly-formatted HP machine that came with freedos from the factory, so I don't doubt Dell does the same

@noiob Is there a way to block bloatware from being auto-installed through Windows Update? 🤔

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Why are trees opposed to gitflow? 

They prefer trunk-based development

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Why are trees terrible at their own Internet security? 

They *leave* all of their ports open

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Why are trees the best hackers? 

They always have the root password

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Rawr! (commissioned work)

really love to draw dragon cuties hehe

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Dragons are awesome, and dragons are good
Many folks would be dragons if only they could

Dragons have scales that can outshine a gem
Metadragons could hoard all of them

Dragons can fly, except those who can't
Very few species vary like that

Dragons are scary, and dragons are wise
With the cleverest thoughts, and the deepest of eyes

(With apologies to Mr. Watterson.)

Opus Magnum spoilers 

@kistaro I mean... wasn't is based on "The Codex of Alchemical Engineering"?

Opus Magnum spoilers 

@kistaro wasn't it a free flash game some years ago?

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@noiob you can collapse the sidebar (the one that holds the file explorer) and reduce font size with Ctrl+Shift+hyphen; It doesn't work for me because I prefer 120~150 columns per line and I don't see that well (myopia).

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