@glitch on an API context, if you return 302 Found outright, the browser might follow the redirect and return the content of the 2xx response to the "happy path" of the JS application, which might not help to set URLs and other miscellaneous stuff relevant for custom-written Client Rendered Applications.

vent: #NotEnoguhRAM & ads 

LTT recently launched a video on avoiding 8GB or RAM and going straight 16GB as the new minimum or even 32GB.


What are we doing with so much RAM? The same things as before, but with increasingly fancier webviews instead of native UI elements? Custom proprietary UI language that matches nothing in the system? An unified unblockable ad-viewing framework?

Are we paying better computers so we can see increasingly complex digital pamphlets?

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I wonder how some people who use light themes everywhere on their computers with factory-set brightness and don't get headaches.

I get headaches if I don't set a theme or use a plugin to generate dark themes for every site I visit.

I get headaches if I don't bring the brightness on my monitor down to zero percent.

How other people simply don't get it?

@noiob it's that twitter-like app from India in which the icon is a yellow bird. It's less mature than mastodon but has an endless feed algorithm so people can never stop scrolling "interesting stuff" even after their friends have no more "content" from them to "consume". (or that's what I understood from it)

@noiob speaking of that, do you have tips on how to bring friends over to the fediverse, instead of going to single-website platforms like cohost of that koo app due to their popularity?

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There was a memory exception in Wing Commander on exit, because of the deadline they left it but change the error message to "Thank you for playing Wing Commander!" #gamedev

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@typhlosion @byte
About UI, I'd avoid web browser engines as hard as I can. DIY IoT projects that relies on a ESP32 wouldn't be able to use them. Wouldn't use especially after doing accessibility checks for web pages. But GUIs are needed to exist.

All that said, I hope that the project becomes easier to build applications than playing an API deployment provider such as Heroku or Render, and looks better than electron, so people have an actual place to move out from the commercial web.

@typhlosion @byte [+] If everything was already precalculated in a middleware-provided materialized view, the data conversion problem would be solved.

About patching and running code, that's a complex matter. I hope that representing code in an intermediate ontological representation allows me to run stuff together despite programming languages. The hard part will be tracking conflicting contributions (such as deep refactorings) together.


@typhlosion @byte
(forgot to add last message: all base claims are publicly readable, but claims can contain encrypted claims in its message)

Instead of propagating changes, some devices would prefer fetching changes and entering a low-power mode. Battery-powered devices like phones, for example.

Disallowing writing custom user-patchable server code might end up like ZeroNet, but there's the "application handles interoperability" caveat from Linked Open Data to also avoid. [+]

@typhlosion @byte
When designing the data and application layers, I reached other conclusions.

Instead of splitting "Identity" "Networking" and "Content" into different provider boxes, I thought like "everything is a file" and settled at "everything is a claim". A base "NULL claim" that points towards some hard-coded behavior (like pypy, it's Rpy built-ins and cpython reimplementation as py scripts) would provide the required bootstrapping.


@typhlosion @byte
After working with an oldschool internet enthusiast, I could finally understand why university professors compared internet with telephone system: IP is basically a telephone system with a fixed size. It carries over a lot of flaws, which includes all the means for arbitrarities from any part (censorship included). I can imagine some ways to aglutinate computers, but I'm still not sure if it would scale well and still fit within the constraints of an arduino.


@typhlosion @byte nice to read some opinions on a similar idea I had. While dabbling a bit with OpenFlow SDN, I had one problem: I needed a representation of a computer, to know that I'm reaching the same host twice and beyond.

Computers can have dual-ethernet, wifi, bluetooth, 5G modems and other outgoing interfaces that all use Internet Protocol. Look at your phone and wonder what happens if you used Bluteooth PAN, WiFi and 4G all at the same time. In the end, I needed a mesh protocol.


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LB: hi, i'm working on this project too!

in case you can't see, it's a decentralized social networking thingy that @byte and i are working on. here's a little rationale writeup: trashbyte.io/singularity/

we're looking for help re: cryptography, distributed networking systems, online-social challenges for marginalized groups, and anything else a burgeoning social thingy could need. so feel free to reach out to either of us if that sounds like you!

@Zauberin in my honest opinion, it compares to telegram.

@typhlosion notepad++
People will say they're nostalgic, but [...]. If they do, then mission accomplished: you've annoyed them

Lewd-adjacent question, sex toys 

@Mareepy I just wash it with liquid soap for hands but I'm not sure if it's the best way

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