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Why are trees opposed to gitflow? 

They prefer trunk-based development

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Why are trees terrible at their own Internet security? 

They *leave* all of their ports open

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Why are trees the best hackers? 

They always have the root password

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Rawr! (commissioned work)

really love to draw dragon cuties hehe

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Dragons are awesome, and dragons are good
Many folks would be dragons if only they could

Dragons have scales that can outshine a gem
Metadragons could hoard all of them

Dragons can fly, except those who can't
Very few species vary like that

Dragons are scary, and dragons are wise
With the cleverest thoughts, and the deepest of eyes

(With apologies to Mr. Watterson.)
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Dear web developers and admins,
please stop embedding Google's hideous #ReCaptcha into your websites. Its algorithm is faulty, forcing regular users to click dozens or even hundreds of fire hydrants, bicycles, or traffic lights each day. It puts a 'suspicious activity' flag on users who won't obey to Google's business model - such as people who don't sign into Chrome, use anonymity VPNs, or use browser extensions to suppress common tracking mechanisms. Enough is enough. Stop it.

complaining + Brazilian municipal elections 

I feel so uneasy to go voting tomorrow but... it's mandatory. 😒

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I miss those days where buying a new phone was an optional upgrade, not a biyearly update you shouldn't skip because phone's software will become outdated, its OS will become progressively insecure and apps might slowly stop working.

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