it's a chess-like game that also does the shogi "you can place pieces back on the board after capturing them"

but you can also stack pieces to give the top piece extra movement the next time they move (and archers have pretty much the most broken movement imaginable when on top of two other pieces)

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abdl art 

i tried to digitify one of my traditional draws~

because it's emacs itself, i don't need to remember the limitations of mg itself, and get access to things like TRAMP in it!

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so! i made a tiny shell script to replace mg (microemacs) with normal emacs, but with a secondary tiny config that files off a few of the rough edges, runs in a terminal, but is otherwise extremely fast~

it uses nothing not already included in emacs itself, has mouse support, doesn't do that annoying .# and ~ backup file thing, but otherwise is just plain emacs!

neat! i managed to get paint tool sai thumbnails to work in linux~

abdl art 

oops, maybe i wasn't as happy with this one as i thought!

(i decided to try and turn it into something a little more finished~ ^^)

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abdl art 

first draw with my new setup! (i still need to get used to krita)

it's kinda old at this point, but i've decided that i actually like mario run

it's actually a lotttt more compelling to play than it seems like it would be! (also, we definitely need playable toadette in more games~)

if anyone wants to add me, my id is 8096-5131-5847

in this one, i tried to experiment with the shading a bunch! so the shadows in here are actually completely different colors than what they were~

for example, did you notice the shadowed part of jirachi's head doesn't even have yellow in it? it's purple!

also, the shadows for anything white are actually just light blue..!

and yet, i don't think they look out of place at all!

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and the music are just imf files! which are id (software) music files, which can be played in adplay without any modification!

it's the same format used for the music in wolfenstein 3d and a bunch of other games that played adlib music at the time

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so! the levels are all basically straight-up arrays!

and now that i can just select files, i can easily get the right ranges for the visualizer~

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it's cool the month of "can get sasha from animal crossing as a switch icon" has begun, because i was able to get sasha from animal crossing as a switch icon finally!

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