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necromancer? sorry, i think you misheard

i'm a neko romancer, i smooch catboys

Website publishers now can advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding an HTTP header. If you are a developer, learn how to enable Onion-Location in your website:

hee, sorry, but this kind of thing actually excites me a lot (ΰΉ‘ΛƒΜ΅α΄—Λ‚Μ΅)و

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at this point, i'm actually pretty confident that i wouldn't even need a laptop for dev reasons beyond convenience

i mean, my standard environment for making things was actually fully possible from the start!

i even have my fancy key-only multi-hop ssh configurations working, so my tunnelled git repos and emacs tramp work out of the box

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i've definitely learned a lot along the way too

mostly quirks in AOSP and ARM, but also how to do some legit android development and how the OS actually even works as a whole (it really is just a linux, but it's an unwieldy one with a few restrictions for security purposes that can mostly be bypassed in userspace)

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a few examples of things i've managed to do natively in termux:

  • got a working metasploit framework set up and used it to gain access to a metasploitable VM
  • developed a small ptrace wrapper to run the raspberry pi version of ADOM natively
  • compiled several roguelikes and set up a custom keyboard to make playing them not nearly as annoying as you'd expect on a phone

...all without the help of a more "powerful" or "complete" desktop system

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i feel this strongly enough that i've actually put a lot of effort into polishing termux and tasker to let me do almost everything i would usually on my *nix systems easily

i have things like ffmpeg, imagemagick, and exiftool running natively on the thing
i have dev tools to let me write and compile Ruby and C, install libraries and gems, and my whole emacs configuration running natively

i even made a PR to termux-tasker to let me combine the two even more than usual so i could manage services

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but seriously though, it feels so nice to be able to do basically everything you would ever need to from one very small piece of tech--even if it's in a limited capacity

like, if you were stranded somewhere and only had access to your phone, you wouldn't be limited to only doing standard "phone things"

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it occurs to me that i love pushing small tech to do things that's hard without "full" systems enough that it almost doesn't matter how inconvenient it is, so long as it's "possible"

*proceeds to install an x86_64 qemu debian vm on my phone in termux to get docker running*

kink, dd (spanking) 

my brain is super-conflicted about trying out a domestic discipline dynamic. the idea of getting regular actual spankings for real-ass things both interests and terrifies me

i already have a love/hate relationship with being spanked in general, so i wonder what this would mean for that?

i wonder what the best way to dip my toe into something like this would be?

Data miners discover why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch

*sees video about why someone doesn't like a thing i love*

my brain: this is absolutely an experience you want to get in on


pacifiers solve a very important problem in animal crossing


pacifiers solve a very important problem in animal crossing

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