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Did you know: Firefox actually has some pretty neat selection capabilities!

For text: hold CTRL to select multiple separate ranges of text

For tables: hold CTRL to select a square of multiple cells, or CTRL+SHIFT to select entire rows/columns/tables

So I managed to get a window actually get constructed. Like usual, I have underestimated this task and creating a window in Win16 requires quite a bit of work. But this is progress!

Visual Studio 2019 for Windows 3.11 (2021)

thought it was weird of microsoft to do this but okay

@sugar i just wanted to say that your icon is extremely good

abdl (+) 

learning that one of the people behind bunnybot is abdl!

aaa, how many times am i going to learn that someone i've been interacting with for a while has been without my knowing, and that i'm not such an anomaly

this has legit happened a double-digit number of times now, and it still catches me off guard every time

so! i ended up writing a super-simple pattern to let me see what's in the maps more specifically~

each different color is a row in the map layout, and if i mouse over any bit, it will tell me what kind of sprite it is on the map there! (it will also tell me the coordinate i'm looking at)

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with something like imhex, you can even visualize it to see the details a little more clearly with its data processor!

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it's really neat opening level files for old games in hex editors

a lot of the time, they are just 2d arrays just dumped right into a file, so you can see the shapes of the levels if you adjust the width of the wrapping!

like, here's the first level of duke nukum 1 in HxD next to what it looks like in-game!

splat 3 

hee, it's almost time to play with a bunch of people who should be able to destroy me easily

i'm super-curious how well i'll do!

i've been practicing my squiffer game almost every single match since i got the game, and i hope there's something i can do that will surprise them~

The "lucky 10,000" mindset ( is a much more positive and helpful way of thinking about things than the "how do you not know that?" mindset. try to make people part of today's lucky 10,000, not just belittle them for not knowing things!

i can understand that being pessimistic means you can kinda just "hedge" all of your assumptions, since you'll be mentally ready for it when bad things do happen, and can be pleasantly surprised when they don't

but it also takes soooo much extra emotional energy to perpetually think that the worst case scenarios will happen

(it also saps you of the energy you'd have to make your own positive changes, since the point of trying seems far less rewarding than it actually would be)

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it's easy to think of counterexamples, of course! but those situations aren't what happen most of the time! (that's why these situations are still jarring)

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one of the interesting things about being generally optimistic is how naive it seems at first glance

like, even if a situation had an equal chance of turning out good or bad, it's generally seen as more realistic to assume the worst

that's not even taking into account how most people actually do legitimately try to improve things they interact with, because they actually do care about things in the same way you do!

seriously though, shoutout to @mcc for making this happen..! i suuuper appreciate the effort you put into this

thank you! ^^

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oooh! now that focal setting is in mainline, i think i can use tusky as my main client finally!

i've always appreciated it as a project, but needing to switch to something else any time i uploaded anything was kind of a drag

so i'm really happy for this release, aaa

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FastDoom in more esoteric CGA:
- Composite output
- 160x100 16 colors
- 80x100 122 pseudocolors
- "ANSI from Hell" (320x100, 16 colors)

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