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Apparently it's World Backup Day as well as #transdayofvisibility. So definitely do NOT forget to back up your trans people...

i'm glad we've got people like gem squidschool in influential positions within the splatoon community

not only is he doing a charity stream for the trevor project today, he also made a 9 minute video putting down transphobia and telling transphobes to get out of the community

Laptop implies the existence of a lapbottom.

Game programming is really hard because some bugs are incredibly subtle and easy to miss

ahah, i should have made this poll shorter!

but also! because there is at least someone who finds it handy, i think i'll probably keep cwing splatoon things then!

since i've been in a bit of a splatoon mode recently, maybe i should actually put my friend code out there for if anyone wants to play at some point~ ^^

(it's SW-3564-7153-3328!)


also hey! there's also a game strategy planner where you can draw on the maps!

(it doesn't look like it shows you weapon range radii when you drag them to the map though)

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i already knew about the builds! but i honestly didn't play around with them much

so i decided to actually try and make a silly squiffer build that focuses entirely too much on point sensors; the lethal bomb where the damage comes from summoning your teammates ontop of people

yes, this isn't what a squiff is good at, especially in lacking maneuverability
and yes, i want to see how it well i can do with it for funsies anyway~

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did you know that has a video search to find people playing specific weapons so you can see high level play for your main?

because i didn't until gem squidschool mentioned it today!


i guess the tl;dr is: people are encouraged to pick LDE because:

  • it's a generally very potent ability
  • everyone loses matches

but it also has a fun side effect where it also just makes the game more fun with the way the maps/modes have been designed

did you know that a significant number of people only feel a game is "fair" when they win 75% of the time? but online, that's obviously impossible

but what happens if in the 50% you win, some were underdog stories that felt amazing?

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of course, this all falls flat if objectives are hard to get

which means the fact that clam blitz needing fewer clams, and rainmaker having checkpoints plays into this really well!

smaller victories matter

they mean that underdog teams can still accomplish things, but also, teams facing others with LDE activated can counter very predictably where those objectives exist

but it does also recontextualize the map chokepoint struggle a bit

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on top of that, unlike catchup mechanics in games, it's something we opt into with gear

we know what we are hoping for when we equip last ditch effort, and we are explicitly investing in a main of gear dependence that won't even proc if we do exceptionally well

and for it, the game is just more exciting for us, everyone we play with, and anyone who might be watching!

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i can't even be upset about this because coming back from the brink of a knockout with a clean sweep as the timer is ticking down the last 30 seconds feels incredible

the more skilled and coordinated team is still going to win, but also that kind of push and pull makes matches absolutely intoxicating

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i don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner

because like, early pushes that nearly knock-out, but don't are extremely common, and so are the snapback victories that often happen immediately afterwards

also pretty much everyone i know runs last ditch effort


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as a testament to the strength of gear abilities, i've thought, literally since the release of the game, that i had this terrible habit of getting complacent when i had an early lead, causing me to play more defensively and get steamrolled

turns out, i may have just underestimated last ditch effort

abstract milkshake duck (-) 

thrilled to discover how many artists i appreciate are actually good people

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