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one fun thing about being away with low social energy is that i sure do a lot of things i would normally put off

abdl sketch 

i guess you have to put it on now!

you aren't going to disappoint them, are you?

I once met a guy who worked his dream job, and I said: woow, you're so lucky.

He got angry with me. He wasn't lucky, he worked hard to get that position.

Hey, guess what. Everybody works hard. If you got a dream job, a good house, or a lot of money, you worked hard Γ‘nd you were lucky. Don't go around being entitled thinking you 'deserved this' because you worked hard. We all work hard.

You were lucky. And now you're in a position to create some luck for someone else.

still suuuper behind on advent of code, but it's fun how basically every challenge so far (up to day 7) can be summed up as "use clojure's loop, but with one other function also"

learning to frame complaints as "i personally didn't enjoy X" instead of "X is absolute shitgarbage objectively and everyone around me needs to deal with my emotions about it" is actually a really important social skill that's a lot less common than it really should be

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cosplaying someone who gets up at a reasonable hour

(well, a few days ago, at least!)

i played on a console last time with someone who pretty much speedran the game to a five star island before i could even really start to appreciate new horizons' vibes, and this time i'm hoping to just kinda slow down and do that..!

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also, have i ever mentioned it's both super-neat to be able to do this, and also a pretty nifty way to casually absorb how accessible different things really are?

because it is, in fact, both of those things

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glad i learned how to use a screen reader

was using my phone while it was in my mitten, with said mitten being in my pocket

because guess what

advent of code day 4

loop continues to put in some work

i deffed both inputs in a let form since def isn't lexixal

also, reading in the data was the same number of lines of code that actually solving the problem took

this day is the first time i've broken out the extremely neat threading macros to make things more readable (the ->> and as-> calls)

part 2 was a cakewalk since i already had all the tools written for part 1

the most interesting part in this one was using destructuring results as a predicate for checking if any sheets remained, and returning the last one if they didn't

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