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oh! oh! i did the thing too!

it seems like it could be a fun thing to try for a while~

Seriously, Don't Read This Thread. Go Fucking Play Outer Wilds

it's fun how writing a blog that can literally only be seen by people with ssh access to the same box i'm on can make it so much easier to not edit the things i write until i'm absolutely exhausted and don't want to write anymore

it really lowers the barrier to actually write things for me

tablets are such a high baseline, honestly

even super-old ones can be extraordinarily useful, and it always feels nice being able to reuse things like this in such meaningful ways ^^

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oh! it's really nice to use too! it reacts to me locking and unlocking my computer by doing the same, and can be controlled with my computer's keyboard and mouse by moving it off the far left of my screen

i used to just like...casually sit in's irc! i still have my usenet, gopher, and gemini stuff still all set up too

i did need to grab a new termux before the one i was using would implode though, but that was an easy move

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it usually is pretty light on battery, but when i plug it into my computer, it:

  • watches a special calendar for commands and things to make a bluetooth speaker say
  • extracts data from push notifications for annoying apps to make them actually useful
  • acts as another syncthing node for my files to live
  • starts an ssh server
  • and acts as a starting point for a notification system for things i write that would take too much battery on my phone to always run
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big fan of how much stuff you can still do with a slow, dated tablet!

i set mine up again, and all of my termux, tasker, and deskdock stuff still just works!

controlling my lights with org-mode blocks because i have good hobbies

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