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alright! i did the thing! i'm now at @archenoth~

now i think it's time to reconnect with some peeps and check some new things out, except this time, as me..! ^

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awoo is the place where i managed to be myself the most

anywhere else i always kinda had some sort of filter active, but i came here explicitly with the intent to see what would happen if i didn't do that

initially it was super-nerve wracking because i was worried i would draw ire just naturally--so having a place that put such a huge degree of importance on communication and respecting boundaries that only federated with other places that also did was a godsend

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thinking i might make a chitter account maybe?

i kinda wanna check out like a billion different fediverse things without requesting awoo federates with about a billion different fediverse things

plus, i actually originally made this account as an experiment about what it would be like if i didn't compartmentalize myself into a "publicly presentable" version of myself, and an "actually me, but minus the things i work on and want to show people" version

turns out, not doing that rules, ahah

getting an oculus rift working in linux is tricky, but also

vrchat neat!

RT これはブラッシングが嫌でふわふわトンネルにこもっているミミちゃんです。

but yeah! i've been getting pretty into a bunch of pretty classic japanese games (so things like mahjong, go, and i'm looking at hanafuda a little)

but shogi so far has definitely been my favorite..!

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it's a chess-like game that also does the shogi "you can place pieces back on the board after capturing them"

but you can also stack pieces to give the top piece extra movement the next time they move (and archers have pretty much the most broken movement imaginable when on top of two other pieces)

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inspiring how many times people have attempted to make playable versions of gungi, the board game from hunter x hunter

(i mean yeah! i only know of two, but it's still pretty neat that there's more than one playable game of it~)

not artfight but look at this cute minccino i drew for practice :3

maybe i might need to try and vet some of these places and make a federation wishlist to harass my instance admins with, ahah

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like, you can look at what is essentially a federated reddit hosted by sdf (as in, the pubnix!), and interact with it from literally just a normal masto instance account

which is a fun little bit of intermixing i didn't really expect two usually Very Distinct internet places to converge into

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it's kinda neat his much the fediverse is just kinda popping off right now

  • japanese artists seem to be going to misskey
  • redditors to lemmy
  • pixelfed actually seems pretty big now??
  • and of course the steady stream of birdsite users coming to masto itself

and the fact that all of these things can interopt with each other despite their different design goals is pretty dang neat!

it's super-reassuring how my drawstuffs are things that just like...normal non-abdl people like sometimes too!

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tfw half of your birdsite AD gets retweeted onto your main's tl

(someone i follow who really likes oshawott found my abdl account and i guess liked it quite a bit, ahah~)

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