@cinnamon i still don't know how i did those tbh

they felt so scary initially, and i don't really know what happened

like, i wasn't exactly ripping it up out there on my board, but i feel like i improved astronomically

it felt pretty fantastic!

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first time at a skate park while trying to actually do anything, and i felt...pretty comfortable???

@cinnamon did you maybe check more than just the windows logs?

if you check the thing below, it will be too big a query and complain

@cinnamon oh heck

what's the last log message before the freeze? i usually like to make a "wtf" log with these filters that's usually pretty good at pinpointing what's wrong when things start blowing up for no reason

@codl it's a final fantasy XIVilization

hope this helps *kickflips into the abyss*

mechwarrior 5 has a really cool career mode

it's basically a sandbox game mode where you are free to roam the inner sphere as a mercenary outfit, trying to grow your reputation and resources so you can travel, get better mechs, and do harder and more complex contracts for all the factions, who's opinion of you changes based on which jobs you accept

i suuuper wanna try this in co-op sometime!

my last mercenary outfit got completely obliterated, and i wonder how it would go with friends

birdsite link; really neat stenography 

so, you can install doom with the images in this thread??


oh, and i guess i can still ollie??

i didn't even eat dirt when i tried again--i saved that journey for trying to turn too quickly and learning that skateboards don't have the same turning range as my longboard, and having my wheels bite the board

you can even see here where the wheels bit in!

i think i'm gonna need to elevate these trucks a little so it doesn't happen so often, even after tightening them

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well...almost nothing, i learned that i can pump a normal skateboard

it looks absolutely ridiculous, but it's really fun to do!

just kinda wiggle down a road and somehow accelerate while doing it

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after getting decent at longboarding, gossssh normal skateboards just feel outright alien

pretty much none of the things i picked up longboarding really apply to something half the length

@codl oh, oh!

i'm the speedy gangway snail with the inexplicable expression of smug animosity towards the reader

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