@cinnamon huh! i'll definitely need to give that a watch!

because like, coming at this from the opposite side you are, i see so much overlap, so it'd be neat to understand what the heck is going on with that, ahah

i'm a simple oshawott

i see a video game decompilation project on github, i star it

oh! that royal road thing i composed a while back? i actually finally did something with it~

(original file downloads are on, and it's creative commons, so feel free to do with it whatever you like..!)


@codl i don't think so, especially if this is a thing you want to do!

plus, like, being able to talk about things that happened during them might let people who would be interested notice that~

@cinnamon i feel this too! maybe it's a thing that adhd overlaps with?

if i talk about a thing that i feel like someone else isn't into, i feel really self-conscious that i'm taking up their time

i think this is because it's very hard for me to focus on things that don't interest me, which makes it take a lot of effort to try and stay engaged with someone who clearly really likes a thing, because i don't want to trample on their enthusiasm

but i also don't want to put others into that sitch

@codl oh oof

i wonder if talking about them more (and about things that happen during them) might help that a little?

(like, i legit didn't even know you streamed until a little while ago when @cinnamon mentioned to me you did!)

@cinnamon i know this wasn't meant to be relatable, but, uh...

*laughs in a megabyte of journal and zettelkasten*

it's only been... *checks watch* almost a year and a half, but deltarune chapter 2 good, actually

(i finally finished playing it~)

My motto writing Celeste was remove all irony. Zero irony, just peel back all the layers. 100% pure earnest cringe will take you places if you let it

@SirTapTap oh! it's a liiittle unclear, but you can pick your target with the shoulder buttons in those!

i actually really like how arceus handles battling a pokemon right next to all of their buddies, but yeaaah, those can definitely go downhill fast

@codl gosh, that entire era of media really evokes certain feelings now

both right at the start, and during the biggest lockdown when tons of people stopped working and animal crossing became the most important means of interacting with others

rabbits are very insecure animals. you can present a rabbit with a printout of the EICAR test file string and it will just eat it no questions asked

i made another one! renshuu.org/lesson/c/4373302/v

this time for this song..! youtube.com/watch?v=AdiZTfl4OT

this one is longer, and has a ず-form verb in it, but i actually found it easier to get an understanding of~

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as if the response to me asking a question about How To Japanese on a language server made explicitly for people learning How To Japanese would be met with confusion that i don't already know How To Japanese

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even in a language learning community, i still feel like such a doofus asking questions sometimes, ahah

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@lyncia oh! i didn't get back to this, but there are actually a few that i think are really good~

lemme link a couple here and then try extra-hard to not ddos you from then on, ahah ^^'

this was the first one i really liked! i spent a lot of time learning the words in this one because brain feel good

also! this one might be hit or miss, but the happy snowy vibes are just too cute not to at least mention imo

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