game engines where you can open up other people's games in them and look at how they're built are sometimes a better teacher of game design than four years of classes

zzt and megazeux are a part of the history of video games, for better and for worse. they're worth preserving and it's great that they're still around, but it's still a shame that the only things like them today still have design sensibilities from 1994

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@eryn not after the game is built! i don't think, anyway

but the way engines like megazeux work is that, since you have to open the game in the same executable you use to make your own games, you can also crack them open to look at the innards. same with games like knytt stories or, hell, the mario makers, with level editors you can use to look at every level you can possibly obtain for the game

@eryn same energy: tracker music. you can open up a .MOD or .XM or .IT file in a music tracker to see how the track is laid out and take samples you like for your own use. can't do that with music made in modern DAWs unless you can maybe get the stems, and even then you can't see the actual innards unless you happen to have access to the original project and all the effects and such

now i need to go check this...because you're right, Godot does compile to a platform, and I don't think it's reverseable in most cases...I'm spoiled cuz most of the stuff I want to do has examples in the godot community gits.

I wonder what it'd take to make a "game loader" for the various godot platforms, that allowed that sort of visibility...

(dangit now i wanna try doing this)

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