if i ever make a thing with user accounts i'll make the "gender" field be some completely inexplicable input method

name: text input

email: text input

gender: seventeen unlabeled sliders

oh, i know: have a field where you can put your public key and label that gender

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@typhlosion one of the sliders changes the number of sliders

@Felthry @typhlosion If it's a game just call character creation gender. :D

Bonus points if there's still mystery sliders.

@typhlosion this should be the mastodon version of that phone number programming meme

@typhlosion or labeled things like "mohs hardness", "specific gravity", and "joules per kilogram"?

@typhlosion gender: file upload that accepts only .xap and .org files

@typhlosion moss says: a whole bunch of radio buttons, but when you click one, it selects all of them

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