cw children death

so my DM sent us in the warpath of a soul eating devil and pointed out people from my clan were targeted by him

but he pointed out the devil went after weak commoners, of which my clan there are very few - basically only the children

so uh, the devil ended up eating the souls of a bunch of children T_T


background: there's a substance called camat that my clan gets from monstrous creatures that we imbibe and consider "the essence of life itself"

it's a religious thing for us and we collect the camat of our fallen within a legendary artifact staff that turns into a tree that we collect the camat into where they live on with their ancestors

but bc their souls are gone the camat went into the tree lifelessly and my kobold shared his sorrow with all his ancestors in the tree x_x


@Thaminga we found a bag of coins holding peoples souls so we might have a way to save them but my character can't tell which, if any of them, are his tribe's

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