"dammit i thought we sprayed for those guys" -- Rezeya Montecore-St-Hobbes, Empress* of Mars


@zebratron2084 I was going to ask you to confirm, and then I saw you were the original poster! XD

@zebratron2084 You know how every sapient species has a drink with a name that sounds like "gin and tonic", and every spacefaring civilization invents a dish that tastes like Swedish Meatballs?

Every planet comes standard with foxes. Even most of the dwarf planets.

@Soreth @zebratron2084

Do the foxes scale with the planet or are they a standard size?

@001zlnv @zebratron2084 It varies a lot. Witness the miniscule foxes of Ceres -- only centimeters in length -- versus Io, which we now know to be a single sleeping fox.

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