kitten alert (+) 

guess what i saw this morning...

peeper peepers! 👀​


I'm currently out of kitten things to worry about. They're toddling around a bit, but not so well that there's any chance of escaping the Mother Box. They're both breathing fine, they're feeding like crazy, they're reacting (understandably fussily) to gentle petting and I think they've like doubled in weight.

I'm sure the gods will come up with SOMETHING further to test us. But at least this buys us more time to prepare for the KITTEN ONSLAUGHT if all goes well and they're bouncing around like little explorers soon.

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kitten alert (+) 

@zebratron2084 Great to hear! Enjoy the while before the next kitten panic!

re: kitten alert (+) 

@Austin_Dern Yeah, we're hoping that the next big panic isn't a lack-of-health, it's a too-much-health, we're too old to keep up with these friggin kittens, sort of panic XD plans are already underway to kittenproof the heck out of one room and keep them mostly sequestered to it until they pass their catting exams...

kitten alert (+) 

@zebratron2084 I resent the prolonged lack of kitten pictures.

re: kitten alert (+) 

@balinares I'd been trying not to disturb them but I think they're getting old enough that it's not really a problem, I'll try to get some soon!

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