This piece, and the story behind it are absolutely heartbreaking in the most beautiful possible way. ;_;

Work (O.o;) 

Hi there if you are in America I suggest you ASAP contact your congressperson and ask them to oppose the CASE act, a weird copyright bill being voted on tomorrow


Verge article:

Short version: Now in addition to normal courts plus the DMCA there'd be this new weird copyright quasi-court. By my read if notice is served and you don't respond within 60 days you could get hit with a $15,000 fine as default judgement. Sounds really easy to abuse.

Things I want to ask folks who don't understand cats:
If they're such loners, why is a family all they really want?

AIs and intrigue and devious plots, spaceships and lasers in warehouse sized lots. Genders, explosions and planets with rings,

These are a few of my favorite things!

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dragons are destroying the chivalry industry by smooching princesses

statement from our official slime spokesperson, @masklayer:

UNPLANNED OUTAGE: We have received reports that the slime dot global service is currently unavailable. We have investigated the issue and have confirmed that the slime is simply taking an unplanned sad nap. We will gently boop the goop & share further updates as they are available.

imposing a $350 fine for awooing will simply create a system where awooing is basically legal for the wealthy. we call this class the Awoorgeoisie

Unrelated: Capitalism is silly. I just got another Netgear switch to expand my home network slightly, and Newegg through a TP-Link advertisement in the box...

It says a hell of a lot about my 8.5 year old thinkpad's build quality that another power supply was a good investment at this point. O.o;

Come on down to Vloelei's Pitch-Shifted Vulpine Emporium we go geckerin' we got your yapping and your screms. We got Fresh new screams every week. We got neutral shifts, deep shifts, high shifts, shifts that put your Maw and Paw's store to shame. We even got yiffs and cute rumbles down at Vloelei's Pitch-Shifted Vulpine Emporium on East 27th and Holiday, look for the jellyfish!

tired: i write bad code
wired: [cyberpunk hacker voice] computers were bad already. my code just lifts the veil

Finally crashing out for the night, but wishing like hell Dakota was here to hold me and just hurt in her arms. >.< Miss you all so much and I just want to cry. >.<

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