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Headmate stuff 

So apparently we have a new headmate that recently emerged after the trauma of a collapsing friend group had happened. She was based on a now ex-friend of ours who has since denounced the person she's based on, and gave herself a new form and identity.

She's turned out to be a pretty assertive sort and had been requesting a lot of spicy and sour foods. She's currently learning how the rest of us does music. She herself is a composer, loves moths and astronomy.

So, it appears that we have started to work on expanding and refining the GameJam entry that Julayla/Rayna made on July 2021, and we feel that eventually we'll be doing all the asset creation ourselves, and here's a WIP of the regular battle theme.

If you're interested, the GameJam build could be found at:

re: Hot Take, Basically painting a target on my back 

Anti-zoos are crypto-fascists. Pass it on.

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Still a WIP, but I already have a lot of material to draw from when I eventually move this song to a DAW environment. For now, I'll keep working on it using BeepBox.

So I beat Sword of Mana, and while most guides recommended an endgame level of 60-70, I did it at level 55


Today's accomplishment is making potato cake from shredded potatoes, ham, eggs and loads of paprika, pepper, chicken bouillion and sugar.

Furry Art EC, self-portrait 

Have you ever seen a protogen that is both cute and deadly? :3c

It's been a while. I have to say that my latest project in turning one of my phone's into an emulation device is going well.

Been working on Julayla's game. Added a new area, and messed a bit with the battle scene.

Furry Art | EC | Extreme Kink | Multi 

For Pride/Wrath month, I did a commission for @AliceGrimaude as a giantess multi, with Helel and myself as guest heads on her shoulders, and Chelsea as a face on her crotch sporting a massive cocktongue with its own cocktongue. Sitting on a throne of skulls, on a mountain of blood.

Screenshots, RPGMaker 

So I had been messing around with RPGMaker MZ, and I like it already. I found out that the free tier of VisuStella MZ allows you to expand on the character profiles, so naturally, I created an enby character for the main character.

Furry art, no ec 

Beep boop, I am proot.

(Also, I got vaccinated)

Furry art | EC | Plurality 

And here's Eleara, the creative and protean member of the Elysion subsystem.

Furry Art | EC | Plurality 

Meet Lucina, formerly known as Lucifer. She's a motherly figure within the system who has an overwhelming unconditional aura of love. She's a hybrid of a squirrel/wolf/opossum and demon.

Furry art | EC | Art Therapy 

One of my headmates, Arche.
There's a pronoun discovery moment while drawing this in Xe/Xem/Xer
Xer top functions as a crop top or a binder, depending on mood, as xe is genderfluid
Also, xe picked a change in last name, from Arche Kruz to Arche/Aluxes Salvador
Aluxes is...a lot more at peace now
Xe is actually very happy right now

Furry Art | EC 

Alyssa: I figured out more about what I look like. I am a Deer Fennec.

Plural Meta | New Member | Furry Art | EC 

She now has a form.

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