Since I'm turning 30 years old on the 23rd of September, you're all free to donate so I can get some nice things for then.

Since I'm turning 30 years old on the 23rd of September, you're all free to donate so I can get some nice things for then.

furry, hyper, nipslip 

made a height chart of all my pokésonas.

Orchid may not be able to fit in the cab, but if push came to shove, Skypilot could still carry it places

from left to right:
foxglove (ve/ver/vis)
lavender (fae/faer)
lilac (she/fae)
Or-Fi-S (fae/they)
Orchid (it/its)
SkyPilot (it/fae)

musicians have all the right ideas:

- cables and connectors are all big and chonky
- things are built to last more then like 5 years at most
- innovation is actually cool and interesting new features for stuff instead of just cramming as many processors and microphones into something as you can justify so it can spy on you more
- if something is popular they keep making it exactly the same for decades and decades

re: Sad Posting | MH - | Vent 

Today, I found Valerie's voice again within me. She appeared to have integrated into me for support and comfort.

I don't blame her, she already lost a prodigal son in law in May, now she has to lose a prodigal daughter the same way 2 months later.

While we all know that leaving them behind is for the best, it certainly doesn't feel that way, and it won't for a long time.

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Furry Art | EC | Extreme Kink | Multi 

For Pride/Wrath month, I did a commission for @AliceGrimaude as a giantess multi, with Helel and myself as guest heads on her shoulders, and Chelsea as a face on her crotch sporting a massive cocktongue with its own cocktongue. Sitting on a throne of skulls, on a mountain of blood.

Shitpost, why am I like this 

Doofenschmirtz is a himbo, no I will not be taking questions

Subtoot (+) 

Cute punk rat girls get hugs. :3

re: Why gatekeeping is abusive 

I would not have been able to come to terms with being non-binary, if such an inclusive space had not been afforded to me. In fact, if I had remained in truscum spaces, like I used to be in 2-3 years ago, I would have never even considered being nonbinary.

Talking to nonbinary folks, who have both figured out their gender or are still exploring were what helped me realize my own nonbinary identity.

So yeah, I see no positives from gatekeeping a vulnerable space, outside of filtering out fascists, of course.

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abuse allegations, shia labeouf 

Shia LaBeouf is alleged to have engaged in physical and emotional abuse towards past girlfriends, including using his possession of firearms as a threat of violence. Content warning also for quoted threatening language and mentions of alcohol abuse.

New York Times:

Washington Post:

The Guardian:

Imagine a dark souls game where all the enemies are designed by the people who make those very elaborate but grotesque exaggerated political cartoons.

Capitalism is a disease 

So if you've used Clyp, they're forcing you to pay up in order to keep the ability to upload. The company is from Texas, you do the math.

They're not very smart if they think we won't simply upload to other platforms.

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