Once again I would like to remind people that a Discord server is not the right place to store documentation or a FAQ or anything like,

Use a proper fucking wiki or docs site, for fucks sake people.

Telling fascists to follow their leader is morally correct in every conversation

ONE HOUR FROM NOW, at 3pm PT / 6pm ET, I'm going live with Karen to create sexy, sinister characters from YOUR suggestions! Tune in to VILLAIN COSTUME DESIGN NIGHTS, live at DVS5! picarto.tv/dvsonline (And check me out in the Dealer's Den too! d-v-s.online/dealers)

Soba noodles, garlic, carrots, broccoli, chicken strips, mushrooms, some salt and spices and teriyaki sauce.
Best stuff I've cooked in ages.

EDIT: Admin's have changed their stance, updated their ToS, and removed the police union. We are removing the fediblock.

Did I just suspend union place for hosting police unions?

You bet your fucking ass I did :acab: :banned:
#fediblock #acab

#Introduction Post 

So here it is, the new

We're the Mánibranðr system, consisting of ~1.4k headmates, and a main cast of 6+ fronters. The ones that we know of are:

💚 Elisha/Velvet Allbright/Albrecht Grimaude - Current host and reincarnation of Valerie/Freyja/Valfreyja/Brynhilðr. Goatbun Avali Dragontaur. Velvet Crowe fictive. 💚
❤️ R4YNA Tiyaga Grimaude - One of two reincarnations of Julayla. Goat-Fennec-Kitsune Auto-Warlock Pleasurebot Protogen. Frisk fictive. ❤️
💛 Lilith/Lailah Crimson Grimaude - The other reincarnation of Julayla. Ectoplasmic Snep-Squirrel, with a Demonic Nogitsune form. Chara fictive. 💛
💜 Ricardo Ialdabaoth Grimaude - One of the originals. Former god, he's become our inner child. Transfem demiboy. Cherub Goat. Asriel fictive. 💜
💙 Ashlynn Valefor Grimaude - The other original. Xey are a Fomorian Succubun with critical levels of horny. Learning to enjoy existence again. 💙
🤍 Saturnine Stargazer - Empathetic mirror of an ex-friend, has since disowned the person she's based on. Assertive, but also kind most of the time. Moth Surveyor Protogen. 🤍
🖤 Innominat - Not much is known about them, but Ricardo insists we adopt them from our headspace world into our fronting crew. Empathetic mirror of another ex-friend. No telling if they will stick around or not. 🖤

Drawing commissions at piczel.tv/watch/OrFiS!

Pleaser appreciate twitter.com/Ottskeh's Warrior of Light, Holly Berry. She's so fuckin pretty like holy shit

Image, fantasy creatures, eye contact 

Just a rough today, dwarf musketeer vs nosferatu in some ruins!

"Haven't you realized yet, Avi? Our girlfriend can do ANYTHING."

FLESH HIVE, my trans dyke black magic body horror porn comic, is available for preorder as a part of Iron Circus Comics's MY MONSTER GIRLFRIEND anthology! Peel back the walls of your mind and order NOW. backerkit.com/c/iron-circus-co


Sephira Tale - Hunt or be Hunted | Decisive Battle 1 (Beepbox mix)

As an alternative for a , feel free to invest a little in this mini-EP I've constructed to promote the development of a game I'm composing for:

Mortis Chronicles is a game I've been hired for a while back, but since the budget's stuck in Russia and probably will never come I could use alternative means of support.

Since I'm still home and might be for a while, I could really use a from those generous enough.
Burned out and deeply tired from everything that's been going on.

any artists available? :boost_ok:​ 

I have this idea of trying to learn how to Blender. I would like a line art, left, right, front, back A-pose of a fem character to build a base model from. Specifics, proportions and references will be provided. Budget 100-150USD


DECKARD lights up.
"It seems you feel our work is not a benefit to the public."
"Replicants are like any other machine, they're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit it's not my problem."
"May I ask you a personal question?"
"What's 'cock vore'?"
DECKARD suddenly has a furious coughing fit.

semi nudity 

The reference sheet is a little old, I'd like to update it sometime soon.




"What we need is some hyper."
"What's hyper, precious?"
"Hy-per-tro-phic. With musk and latex and ballooning. Lovely macro hyper herm vixens! *Sam makes lurid hand gestures* Even you couldn't say no to that."
"Oh yes we could, spoiling nice Gay fetish art. Give it to us raw and wriggling. You keep nasssty hyper macros."
"Oh, you're hopeless."

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furry art, hyper; very NSFW lol 

sometimes you just wanna have a gigantic cock and be in awe of it. ~

art by Snows_no_nos on twitter

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