Capitalism, LastPass 

So, call them out for paying people to astroturf their own forums earns you a ban. Seems like I hit a nerve.

Stop using LastPass, it's insecure and the company is notorious for ruining the products they acquire. Instead, export your LastPass password lists and move to BitWarden.

Hot synth porn 

Everything rearranged, just the audio cables missing now


I may have reached static mix point with this. Just need to do mixing, I think.

Update on this, cleaning is done, audio interface has been set up, installing and setting up drivers now.

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Music WIP 

This is the current state of "Field of Divine Will"
Feedback welcome.

Furry Art | ec 

Working on a less nude version of this commission I am working on.

Tales of Crestoria | Screencap | EC 

On a more important note, Velvet's a rabbit now.

Furry art, nudity, muscle TF, androification 

And another commission knocked off!


Everything wrong with the gaming industry and the gamers who prop it up encapsulated in one image.

Capitalism is a disease 

So if you've used Clyp, they're forcing you to pay up in order to keep the ability to upload. The company is from Texas, you do the math.

They're not very smart if they think we won't simply upload to other platforms.

re: Birdsite screenshot, incitement of voilence, USPOL (VERY BAD) 

If you think I am sabre-rattling, she is serious about buying a gun in reaction to the elections.

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Birdsite screenshot, incitement of voilence, USPOL (VERY BAD) 

Fucking oof, she used to be my friend of 16 years, and now likely she's planning on going out in a mass shooting spree over the elections.

If anyone happens to know her, please stage an intervention and get her help, this is not normal.

Took an old composition and reworked the arrangement of it. This is a RPG battle theme.

Experimented with Audiofier's Veevum A/D, Heavyocity's Mosaic Bass, and iZotope BreakTweaker, and ran the signal through Soundspot's Paradox and Halcyon, before mastering with Soundspot's Velo2 and limiting with FreeClip.

I like this vibe tbh, it could be the basis for a song later on once my hands are freer

Compliment your cute math nerd friends with this secret forumula. :3c

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